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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average deck cost?

That question can be very hard to answer. It is like asking how much does a house cost. Our decks can range from $22 per square foot and up. Our average deck, installed, costs approximately $35 - $50 per square foot.

What is the best time to buy a deck?

Like every seasonal business, buy in the off season. In the deck business, that is in the fall and winter-- usually from September to March. We also have a blog post about the Best time to Buy a Deck you may like to read.

Where are you located?

Our head office is at

115 Dundas St. W.
Hwy. #5,
Flamborough, ON
L9H 7L6
Ph# (905) 689-4774 or 1-800-263-4774

With many other locations available to serve you.

How far will you travel to design or build?

We can design any project from our head office. With the use of digital cameras, fax machines and e-mail, we can design a project anywhere. As far as how far we will travel to build a project, we say anywhere in the world. We already ship material North America wide and can easily factor a couple of plane tickets into an average project and still remain very competitive.

Is Hickory Dickory Decks a franchise?

Yes. Hickory Dickory Decks is based outside of Hamilton, Ont. We have been in operation since 1987 and are currently expanding. We are actively looking for franchisees that meet our stringent requirements. For further information write to Hickory Dickory Decks at the above address.

What does your guarantee cover?

Our 5-year guarantee covers any problems relating to our workmanship.

Do you charge for your designs?

The answer to this question is most of the time, no. If you are getting a deck built and are in one of our areas we will give you a full design and price. If you are building it yourself we have a consulting service.

How long has composite decking been around?

The first man made decking is Trex (Trex composite decking), which was started in 1992. It is made of recycled wood and plastic and called a wood composite.

Why would I buy a composite deck from Hickory Dickory Decks?

We like to use the word value. We believe we sell the best deck for the money. We use the best materials, using licensed craftsmen, give great service, and back it up with the best warranty in the business.  We've been building decks since 1987, so we've seen the evolution of decks, and have talked to thousands of clients on what they love or don't love about their decks over the years.

Why would you buy and install composite decking?

There are plenty of good reasons for choosing a composite deck. The first one being no staining or painting is required every year. The second reason is no slivers, composite decks don't splinter, so you never have to worry about pricking your foot. The third reason is it's less slippery than a wooden deck, especially when wet. Composite decks are great around pools, spas or front porches where slip resistance is important. A fourth reason for choosing to install composite decking is a great look day in, day out for years.  We live in a day and age where we simply just work more, so instead of spending an afternoon breaking your back in the hot sun to stain or paint your deck, why not go golfing, or have a drink or two instead.

Why are people putting built-in lighting in decks?

There are a few good reasons for installing low voltage lighting in your new deck. Most people work all day and enjoy their decks in the evening. Lighting adds a great look without turning on the flood lights. Lighting built into steps is a great safety issue. When steps and level changes are lit, people will have less chance of tripping. The third benefit of lighting is a cheap means of a burglary system. Burglars don't like well lit backyards.

Why is Hickory Dickory Decks not the cheapest?

We decided before building our first deck in 1987 that a quality product at a fair price, with great service and a warranty was where we wanted to position our company. We all have heard that you get what you pay for and if you pay a cheap price you will get a cheap deck. Our company has specialized in decks and this has allowed us to buy our products direct from either the lumber mill or the manufacturers. This allows us to buy our materials less than most lumber yards and virtually all other deck builders.

Our other major cost is our labour. We use only professional carpenters and apprentices which may cost more than the competitor's workers but our trained craftsmen have the experience of thousands of decks and are not learning the business in your yard. We feel our complete package is good value for our customers and we would like the chance to design and price your project. Please give us a call.

How long does it take to build an average deck?

Every deck is different. They range in price from $2,000 - $50,000 or more. An average deck in the price range of $7,000 - $10,000 can be built in approx. 1 week. When we start a deck project, we never leave until we are all done. Our builders work 5 or 6 days/week and are at the job unless it is raining.

What is the life expectancy of a composite deck?

Composite products have been around for about 10 years. Most of the manufacturers offer warranties from 10 years to lifetime. Any of the composite products will outlast wood which has a life expectancy of less than 10 years.  Typically, a composite deck will last you as long as you live in your home, if not longer.

Are composite deck materials heavier than wood?

Some composite products are heavier than wood but many are lighter. Regardless, each deck is constructed with the span length of the product and the weight of it taken into account.

Do I need to get a permit?

Yes, a permit is always recommended. Check with your local building department to see what they require but generally, any deck over 2' in height requires a permit. If no permit is obtained, there could be a problem with the sale of your home if you put it on the market. Use your local building department as a resource for any building code requirements.

What do you use for substructure?

Hickory Dickory Deck uses Premium Kiln dried pressure treated lumber for the substructure. Generally, 2' x 8' is used and is spaced 16" apart. This is overbuilt according to the building code, but it will add years to the life of the deck.

Why not non-wood substructure, if going with composite decking?

There are not many non-wood substructure products available. We have done a few steel substructures but the cost is considerably higher. There is a product called ROT NOT Joist Cap ( that does protect a pressure treated joist from moisture and the elements that cause it to rot and decay. With this product, the substructure will last just as long as the composite floor.

What is my composite deck going to look like in 10 years?

Most composite decks, if properly cleaned and cared for, will look similar to when they were installed except for some fading. However, they will not have warped, cracked, or rotted as wood decks will do.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.