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Deck Lighting

Lighting on deck for safety, looks and enjoymentPart of enjoying your deck is being able to use it at night. The choices of lighting products on the market mean that no matter the style of the deck, or the complexity, we can develop a lighting scheme that shows off the best elements of your house, ensures safety for your family and guests, and significantly increases the enjoyment you get from your backyard.

A big benefit of lighting is reducing your chance of accidents at night. We are able to put lights in deck steps so you can avoid tripping, or mis-steps that may cause you to fall, or roll your foot.  Best of all, our lighting is subtle, which offers you privacy at night and minimizes insects, which are attracted to bright lights.

Hickory Dickory works with the best companies to develop task lighting, ambient lighting, mood lighting, and environmental lighting solutions for your property. We can also develop packages that offer automatic lighting solutions, as well as manual solutions to highlight certain parts of the deck when in use.

Deck lighting is a fairly easy addition to an existing deck and is relatively inexpensive. This means you can turn your outdoor space into the retreat you’ve always dreamed about.
There are a few things you'll want to consider before installing your deck lighting. The first is that it can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes -- low voltage, solar and post cap. You may decide to choose one or all of these for your deck.

The second consideration is where to put your lighting. You'll want to light pathways, seating areas and install in areas that improve the overall ambience of your outdoor space.

Next, when it's time to install you'll want to decide whether to use recessed step lights, wall sconces, rail lighting and/or brick lights.

Check out our Gallery for more deck lighting ideas.

The options are endless, so be creative and feel free to discuss ideas with your local deck builder.