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You may find your dog enjoys your deck as much as you do. If you already own a pup but not a deck, now is your opportunity to Design Your Deck with your best friend in mind.

There are numerous factors that should be considered while trying to build a dog-friendly outdoor space. Your deck can be a welcoming and comfortable space for your dog.




When choosing the design and materials for your new deck, most of what you love, your dog will love also. Budget is just about the only factor your pooch could care less about.

Decking Materials

Using nontoxic materials is a no brainier. Your dog will have more exposure to your deck materials than anyone else. Wood, paint, and stains should all be nontoxic, especially if you have a chewer on your hands. Pressure treated wood is not likely the best choice for Rover. If using a stain or paint ensure it is oil based. If your dog has an appetite for wood, there is a product on the market that can be applied to the surface of the deck and create an undesirable taste for you dog, leaving your deck intact.

Making a Deck Safe

A safe deck will have all the necessary railings. This is especially important if you are planning a high deck or multi-level deck. ¬†Dogs are not cats and can suffer a variety of injuries because of a fall off your deck. Make sure all the posts in your railing are properly spaced, ensuring your dog can’t fit through them or even get stuck. Ensure all plants that you place on and around your new deck are pet-friendly. Speak with your veterinary about any plants you plan to use to ensure that they are not poisonous for dogs. Don’t let your deck design become an unsafe structure for your dog.

Making Your Dog Comfortable On Deck

You may find it necessary to take your dog’s comfort into account when considering your deck design. Perhaps your best friend would enjoy built-in water dishes.Your dog will be eternally grateful for a friendly water station. Consider a low-maintenance deck and one that is perhaps a lighter colour in order to keep Rover’s paws from getting burnt in the hot sun. A lighter coloured deck will be a cooler one. Provide a mat for your dog to lounge on and if space permits, a little room to play.

Although it may sound funny, it might actually help if you get down on all fours so you can see things on their level, which makes it easier to detect and solve any problems before they become a safety hazard for your dog. A well-designed deck can be comfortable and safe for everyone, even man’s best friend.

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