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It’s not every day a business finds itself in the happy place of celebrating 30 years in business. Hickory Dickory Decks is delighted to be meeting this milestone. We’ve come a long way baby!

Tom JacquesWith Tom Jacques, fresh from McMaster University with a degree in business commerce at the helm, the great decking company with the silly name was born.

With a small carpentry crew, Tom got busy with the work of building quality decks at a fair price. So much has changed over the years but this primary principle remains the same.

Head office opened in Flamborough in June 1987 and remains there today. While the office was situated in the basement of the house where Jacques and his growing family lived, it now occupies every room of the house and business has spilled over to the sales office located on the same property. It is here that customers come to see all that Hickory Dickory Decks has to offer.

The lumber yard, built in 1987 was located in the rear of the property on highway #5 but was soon relocated to its existing home on Ofield Rd. In 1997, Jacques began franchising Hickory Dickory Decks and is presently represented in 65 cities across North America. Together they have built more than $25,000 low maintenance decks.

Hickory Dickory Decks is the largest decking company in the world, not to be outdone by Jacques’ large family. Over the years Jacques met and married his wife, Sue. They have seven children and vow they are done. Jacques’ only interest in growth continues to lie with his other baby, Hickory Dickory Decks.

Hickory Dickory Decks 30th Anniversary

One thing that remains the same here at Hickory Dickory Decks is the quality and value of the work they do. Jeremy has been with the company for more than 25 years. He is one of many long-term carpenters working with the company. Not much else has been without change over the last 30 years.

A showroom has been built where customers can come and shop products, making deck decisions a whole lot easier and fun. While 85 percent of all decks built by Hickory Dickory Decks are low-maintenance, 30 years ago, the majority of projects were still made of pressure treated or cedar wood.

Throughout the years, Jacques has found countless ways to give back to his community. For more than 18 years, Hickory Dickory Decks has been raising money through their annual charity golf tournament. Just like the company, the tournament has grown. Last year saw 216 golfers and more than 250 involved. The 2016 Golf Classic raised more than $50,000.

We think a 30 year anniversary is a great time to blow our own horn. Toot Toot.


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Thanks to technology, we are no longer the only smart ones in our home. With smartphones, smart televisions and smart watches, there is no reason why your deck and entire outdoor space can’t enjoy this kind of technology as well. Being smart in the technical sense takes a whole lot more than an education and a big brain. There are many ways we can add that smart factor to our decks, patios, gardens, pools and more.


deck with fireplace and television


Wireless technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Good wireless technology is no longer reserved for those pricey brands. Through wireless technology, your favourite playlist can be enjoyed outside on your deck. No more running cords and speakers through the screen door. You can even enjoy a good horseshoe game with your favourite tunes. Wireless technology doesn’t just bring your karaoke game outside. There are wireless speakers out there that have wireless charging technology, ensuring your smart phone stays smart and awake.

Consider a “smart” meat thermometer. This handy little device will take the guessing game from barbecuing. The smart thermometer will have your smartphone alerting you when your food has reached the desired temperature. The smart thermometer ensures all your guests enjoy their steak done their way.

Smart irrigation makes the job of watering lawns and gardens easier than ever. With cost, conservation and convenience in mind, a smart sprinkler system might be right for you. Whether you are retrofitting an existing system or have been considering an irrigation system for your property, smart is the way to go. Many smart irrigation systems are simple to use. By simply inputting some information such as plant/soil type, postal code and number of watering days, your smart system will take care of the rest. The ability of your smart irrigation system to know when and how much to water, can save time, money and water.


low voltage lighting on a deck


Smart lighting will also save you both time and money as well. For lighting to do its job, whether it be mood lighting or functionality, it needs to be managed in a way that makes your investment effective. Lights can’t work if they aren’t on at the right times. There’s an app for that. Your deck and patio lights, along with any garden lighting can be turned on and off with your smartphone from anywhere. In the past, programming was the hottest function.  Now dimming and mood lighting can be at your fingertips with smart lighting. Don’t forget about solar powered lighting. This has taken the budget from the hydro bill to the actual lighting investment. The consumer can now bring more light in, without the worry of increasing an already large electricity bill.


robot lawnmower cutting grass


Grass cutting and pool safety have also gone smart. Why not invest in a robot to cut the grass. Just like a robotic vacuum, this latest technology will make grass cutting effortless. It can be programmed to cut the grass prior to coming home from work. For many, this would be a dream come true. Linked to any smartphone, you can check up on your robot to ensure the job is getting done. Way more reliable than the typical teenager.

Pool alarms have been around for some time now. Their technology has gotten more sensitive over time, making them more reliable and accurate. Now your pool alarm can be turned on and off with your smartphone from anywhere. You can also be alerted through your smartphone when the pool alarm is activated and you won’t find yourself leaving a dinner date for every drowning leaf that enters your pool.

Taking the latest technology to your outdoor space is an effective way to make that outdoor space even more comfortable. Besides, who wants to work during the spring and summer. With a smartphone in hand, all your amenities will be right at your fingerprints.

Perhaps you have the technology already and are in need of a deck.  For the best decks in Canada, contact Hickory Dickory Decks today.







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You’ve got that one person that’s hard to buy for. That one person might be yourself or your spouse. How about a new deck for this person?

As extravagant as it might seem, a new deck can make all the difference in the world of someone you love.


deck the halls card


If you’re the kind of husband that finds yourself scouring the malls on Christmas eve and enduring all that comes from leaving your shopping to the last minute, consider buying your spouse that much needed deck. A fall or even winter build can save you money. Booking off-season can get you a better price and afford you the time to consider designs, accessories and add-ons. Choosing to give the gift of decking will also give you more time to pay for that gift. A deposit on a new deck will afford you more time throughout the winter to save up for the remainder of the cost.

Choosing a deck as a Christmas gift will do doubt save your summer when it rolls around. Having all the details hammered out before the warm months will save you time. With the booking of a new deck project in the off-season, you can ensure that even if your new deck isn’t built in the winter, that it is the first one to break ground come spring. Having your property under construction during the summer months will cut into your enjoyment of the season. When you unwrap that shiny new deck on Christmas morning, you will find yourself enjoying those warm early spring days long before the kids are out of school.

Building a deck in the winter can have its challenges but nothing that can’t be worked around. Shorter daylight hours along with inclement weather can slow your project down but if you’re not in a hurry to lay out on the deck in the middle of winter, these delays won’t affect your eventual enjoyment of that perfect Christmas gift.

Unwrap a new deck this year. After all, there are only so many ties and small appliances you can own. A new deck will be the gift that keeps on giving.


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What a night! This year’s Santa Claus parade in Flamborough did not disappoint. Hickory Dickory Decks wouldn’t have missed it for the world. In fact, it’s Dexter’s favourite time of the year.




After the hustle and bustle of a busy deck season, the guys and gals over at world headquarters really get into the Christmas spirit and can’t think a better way to kick off the holiday season.

The theme for this year’s Flamborough Santa Claus parade was “light the way,” and of course Hickory Dickory Decks theme was, “deck the halls.”




Though Santa was the highlight of the parade for many, this year’s parade was far from a one-man show. The “loonie” volunteers were out in full force again this year, collecting your donations. These offerings are imperative. Each parade costs, on average, $35,000 a year to run. Along with the loonie collection, the Helping Hands Mission was once again collecting socks for Santa. Not that Santa needs socks, but I’m sure he’s capable of finding good homes for all those donations.

It’s the volunteers that make the parade a reality and this year’s parade had 75 volunteers doing their magic. Way to go, community!  There were 65 entries and 14 bands, ensuring there was lots to see this year.  With rain just prior to the parade, it was a small miracle when the weather cleared just in time for the start of the parade.

Celebrity judges were on hand to give out awards to a few of those who raised the bar this year.




Winners of the 2016 Flamborough Santa Claus parade were as follows:

Best Performance by a group: The Dream Centre

The judges also awarded Rising Star and Browns Martial Arts with their own personal accolades for very creative entries.

Best Christmas Spirit: 3rd Waterdown Scouts and Waterdown Dancers Inc. in a tie.

Best Overall Effort: Dancemakerz with Mike’s Landscaping and Great Lakes Tree Service Ltd. close behind

The 2016 Appeal Factor: Bill’s Auto and Waterloo Regional Kart Club

2016 Honourable Mentions: Carlisle Girls Guides and Cascata Bistro (and their cyclists)

Community favourite for the Band: Alexander Marching Coyotes


Out of Thousands of Emails; The Dream Centre received the most votes, followed by Dancermakerz in 2nd place, the new entry of the Hamilton Hoppers was 3rd, The Dutch Mill was 4th and rounding out the top 5… YFC!!




It was great to see past winners like Hickory Dickory Decks giving others a chance at the podium.

Let’s not forget about all those letters brought by our little ones for Santa. A donation team was on a hand to collect this year’s letters and made sure that Santa didn’t go back to the North Pole without every single one of them.




Hickory Dickory Decks looks forward to the 2017 Flamborough Santa Claus Parade.  Do you think we need more lights?

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You’ve heard the pros and cons for low maintenance decking but exactly why it is considered superior to wood often remains unclear. Your typical wood deck can’t be compared to its counterpart. Composite decking is everything wood decking can’t be and here’s why.

Three teared low maintenance decking

Chemically Treated

70 years ago, Dr. Karl Wolman invented the process of infusing preservatives into wood products. Initially when pressure treated wood hit the market the chemicals used were considered very toxic. As of late a more gentle preservative is being used. Amine copper quat and copper azole are presently used to pressure treat wood. These are mostly considered safer because of the human body’s inability to absorb these poisons. Will the chemicals be less hazardous in the long run is any body’s guess. These new chemicals are less toxic but also less effective in preserving the wood. The bulk of wood used in a decking application is pressure treated. This chemical process forces a chemical cocktail into the wood in an effort to preserve and protect it. In the past, all pressure treated wood had a green hue to it. However now, brown is the new green and made to look more like cedar. When exposed to moisture and extreme temperatures both can become volatile even though these chemicals make this pine wood resistant to rot and insects.

While pressure-treated wood remains a good choice for many applications, the beating that decks endure because of its exposure makes it a poor choice for any horizontal project. No chemical treatment stands a chance against the harsh conditions of a Canadian winter.

Reduced Life Expectancy

Your typical wood deck will stop looking it’s best the year it is installed. After five years, splinters will become a common experience, and after 10 years cracks are likely to occur. After 15 years you will find yourself with a rotting deck and the need to replace at least the surface. There are a number of factors that will affect the lifespan of your deck.

  • Proximity to the ground: The closer to the ground, the closer to moisture your deck will be and once moisture penetrates the wood, it’s a losing battle.
  • Coating: If you spend time and money every year staining and restraining, sanding, and painting you may increase the lifespan of your wood deck.
  • The quality of the wood: Speak to your lumber supply company about the quality of wood they can provide. All wood decks are not created equal.
  • Location: Just like us, your deck does not like extreme conditions. Heat, moisture, and frost will all get into your typical wood deck eventually. Besides the unlikely event of a fire, the weather will no doubt be the cause of your wood decks demise.


A new deck is an investment into your home. It will no doubt increase the square footage of you living space. Having to replace that square footage will be costly and if you choose a wood deck, a replacement will most certainly be in your future. While some exotic woods are comparable to low maintenance decking in initial cost, their life expectancy remains lower. A low-quality pressure treated wood will need replacing, on average, after 15 years.

While the upfront cost of a wood deck can be considerably less, you can double that price tag with the cost of maintenance and replacement. Like many things in life, you get what you pay for.

High Maintenance

If you don’t mind spending a good percentage of your already short summer doing hard labour, then a wood deck is for you. Many homeowners looking to purchase a new deck, opt in for low maintenance decking for this reason alone. A wood deck will need TLC for the entirety of its life. Costing you money and your precious time. Because of the porous nature of wood, moisture will be your enemy. Sanding will become a common practice and if you’ve chosen to stain or paint your wood deck, reapplication is in your future. All this maintenance will have you working on your deck for a good chunk of the warmer months, when you should be on your deck, enjoying it.


Many times a wood deck has been considered something that needs removing by prospective buyers. The decking industry has been revolutionized by low maintenance decking and the standard for decking has reached a new level. A wood deck that is in disrepair can be considered worse than having no deck at all. The cost of removing a wood deck can serve as a deterrent to homebuyers and can be a liability to you as a homeowner when it comes time to sell. Just as a great deck can increase your property value and saleability, a deck in disrepair can decrease the market value of your home.

Consider the length of time you plan to be in your home. Anything less than five years may call for less of an investment. The wood deck does have a place in the decking industry but you don’t want any home improvement that will have to be done twice. The bigger price tag to install a low maintenance deck now will almost always pay off in the future.

Hickory Dickory Decks is the leader in composite and low maintenance decking. So if you’re ready to install an attractive, low maintenance dream deck for your home, contact us today and our deck professionals will get you started.

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When you think of a pavilion you might envision sitting in a park during a rainy family reunion but the protection of a pavilion can be right in your own backyard. While deciding the kind of shelter that best suits your needs, consider your very own personal pavilion.




Backyard pavilions generally are stand alone shelters, independent of your home. They can be small garden buildings similar to a summer house or a kiosk. Unlike many other shelter options, backyard pavilions give flexibility to their location. You may very well choose to locate your pavilion against the house, but pavilions can provide shelter for just about any other area of the backyard. Pavilions serve a great purpose near water and you don’t have to live near a lake. A well-appointed pavilion will most certainly come in handy near a swimming pool. Other places a pavilion can add functionality to a space are:



Hot Tubs

Backyard pavilions will provide protection for those long soaks in a hot tub. A well-appointed pavilion over a hot tub will most certainly provide shelter from the elements, but also encourage a higher level of privacy.



Backyard Centerpiece

With enough room, you might consider placing a pavilion in the middle of your outdoor space. A pavilion that is decorated and furnished can be a visual asset to any property.



Under that hot spot

Do you have an area in your backyard that could fry an egg? A pavilion could make that space usable again, increasing both your enjoyment and the square footage of your backyard.

Backyard pavilions are generally made of wood or vinyl. The choice will be yours to make. Pavilions come in kits or can be custom built. Identifying the function of your pavilion will help to determine the budget and design. Getting several estimates from qualified contractors will help you to narrow down your options and align them with the pavilion that suits you and your outdoor space the best.

Pavilions are great for eating under, playing cards, and just plain relaxing. The pavilion is to a backyard, what the porch is to the front of the house. Providing the opportunity to enjoy those warm summer days without the rain and heavy sun, your pavilion will soon become the focal point for your space or be tucked away in a quiet corner. The choice is yours.

With the investment of a pavilion, comes that authentic picnic experience. The kind of feeling that comes from a family reunion, but without all that family. Have more questions regarding backyard pavilions before deciding on owning one? Contact us today and our team of experts at Hickory Dickory Decks will be ready to help.

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If you aren’t ready to hibernate for the winter and taking all your activities inside for the winter is making you blue, consider a three season room to extend your fun and loving outdoor season. While any addition to your home will increase your living space, additions have also been known to decrease bank accounts. One of the most affordable additions you can make to your home is the three season room.

Deck with Furnished Three Season Room

The three season room allows for an extended seasonal period while providing the kind of protection that comes with a roof. The three season room is one step ahead of the pergola and is gaining in popularity throughout the country. Unpredictable weather and changing seasons don’t have to keep you inside. A three season room can blur the lines between outside and inside. This is a good thing.

The cost of a three season room will vary dramatically, depending on what you’re looking for. The good news is, a three season room can be designed to meet all your needs. Not sure what you want in a three season room? Obtaining quotes from three to five contractors will give you an idea of not only what this home enhancement will cost but give you ideas about design and size. A three season room can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 and beyond. The sky is the limit. Speaking of the sky, keep in mind that the main focus around a three season room is to bring the outdoors, in. Consider skylights and loads of windows when determining a budget.

Other things that will affect your bottom line are:


Obviously, a 12 X12 foot space won’t cost as much as a 16 X18 foot space. The decision of what size your three season room will be is going to depend on structural limitations, preferences, and budget.


What style of roof you choose for your three season room will affect the price. You may choose a simple shed style roof or something more elaborate like a gable roof. Skylights pitch, and insulation affect price as well.


If you are adding a three season room to an already existing foundation, you can expect the price to be lower. As long as the structure is sturdy and something you can live with for a long period of time, building on an existing foundation may be the way to go. Expanding an existing foundation is an alternative to a new one as well.


It’s true that most three season rooms do not have electricity or plumbing. It’s these missing items that make three season rooms the most affordable home additions. You will, however, want air flow to go along with the protection that a three season room will bring. How many windows and what kind will affect the budget. Protection from heat and cold can be achieved without a central system, and the quality of windows you decide on will greatly affect the insulating factor of your three season room. The quality of your windows will also affect the budget.


Building a three season room in an open space would be ideal but let’s face it, in most cases, some kind of demolition needs to take place. Hydro, gas, or other lines may need to be moved as well. All these preparations will increase any quote you get for your new three season room. Remember to call before you dig. Many municipalities offer free locates. Knowing where your gas and other lines are, are imperative to a safe dig.


If you are investing the money into an addition like a three season room, you will no doubt have plans for your new space that include fixtures, furniture, and the kind of details that will increase the budget. Unless your three season room is being used for a yoga studio, seating will be needed. Include this in your budget. Ceiling fans, plants, window treatments, decor, and flooring will also add to your new space and your bottom line. These things won’t be included in any quote you get from the contractors. It’s up to you to ensure you have a handle on these extra costs.

Choosing a three season room as an addition to your home is a great alternative to a four season room mainly because of cost. A screened three season room does not require you to dig a foundation. A three season room does not require electricity, plumbing, insulation, or heating and cooling systems. There will be no need to pay for an architect or electrician. You may even choose to do some of the finishing work yourself.

Three season rooms provide the same increase in square footage at a more affordable price. When you can’t be outside, lounging in a three season room can be the next best thing. Need more information or looking to get a quote? Contact us today. Our team of licensed carpenters and craftspeople at Hickory Dickory Decks take great pride in each project and strive to meet the standards of our valued customers.

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Did you miss the franchise expo in Toronto? No worries. Hickory Dickory Decks has the low down for you, along with all the information you’ll need to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

franchise show setup


If you’re considering going into business for yourself, finding a great company to franchise with can make the decision a whole lot easier. Hickory Dickory Decks has been franchising for decades and the franchise show provided us a great opportunity to show potential franchisees what a responsible, talented franchised business looks like.

The 2016 Franchise expo did not disappoint. With more than 200 vendors, there was something for everyone. Canada’s largest “own your own business event,” displays many proven, money making businesses that are now expanding in Ontario. All the owners of these businesses were there to answer questions and got a whole lot of people excited about going into business for themselves.

With so many business owners there to shake hands, there was no shortage of options. Hickory Dickory Decks was among other successful businesses at the Toronto Franchise Expo providing the information needed to take that step.

Going into business for yourself is a huge, life-changing decision. One that can’t be taken lightly. If, after great consideration, you have come to the conclusion that the dedication and perseverance needed to experience self-employment is for you, getting the facts about what is available out there is key. The Toronto Franchise Expo fit the bill. With so many choices all under one roof, a visit to this year’s event was well worth the drive.

So why buy a franchise?

Well, buying a franchise takes some of the risk out of going into business for yourself. Buying into a proven business opportunity eliminates the hard work of building a brand. Buying into a business ensures that you are investing in a proven business model that has experienced success before you came along. Business owners can put you in touch with other franchise owners to share their experience. When you own a franchise, you will receive support and often training, all designed to help you succeed. Being a franchise owner can make the jump into self-employment just a little less scary.

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Say it ain’t over. Summer is indeed coming to an end but if your deck season ends when the kids get on that school bus, you’re doing it all wrong.


Fall Leaves on Deck


Your deck is the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Centerpieces take time and money to create, so get out there, get creative, and enjoy your deck throughout the fall season. As the hot summer days dwindle and the leaves begin to fall, get the most from your investment.

Enlist some Fall Colour

Even though your colourful planters have served their purpose, they will soon meet their demise as cooler temperatures and shorter days move in. That’s no reason to give up the vibrant colour that breathes life onto your deck. A well-appointed planter or two can ground a space. Fall can provide a welcoming change of fresh and new colour. Consider replanting those pots with fall plants that will continue to supply colour to your outdoor space. Try mixing your fall mums with kale and swiss chard. This will give your planters height, colour, and texture. This combination will take you through the season and change colour throughout the cooler months, right along with those leaves. Many mums have found themselves peaking through the first snow.

Add Heat

When the sun fails to warm your deck, all is not lost. There are lots of ways to heat up your outdoor space. Getting creative will have you toasty in no time. Patio heaters have become popular for decks. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. When choosing a heater for your deck, consider the space. How much heat will you need? What kind of heat will work best for your needs? Some patio heaters double as visual effects as well. Creating a comfortable temperature on your deck even after the mercury has dropped, will keep you and your loved ones outside, longer. Consider placing some small throws over those loungers, creating a special place to read and enjoy a cocktail. Keeping the barbecue fired up throughout the fall will have you enjoying not just the colours of fall but the cuisine. An avid griller will find themselves shoveling around the barbecue once the snow flies. Your grill can add heat to your deck as well, helping to create that perfect temperature. The cooler months are ahead of us, bringing a little chill to the air but just think, no mosquitos.

Don’t pack it in

There’s no reason to let the post-summer blues take hold when there’s so much more enjoyment to be had on your deck, long after the heat of summer has left. Even if the temperature of your pool has dropped to the point where you no longer look forward to cooling off in it, consider postponing the closing of your pool. Nothing says winter like a pool with an ugly black cover on it. Your pool does a lot for the look of your deck. There is no harm in waiting a little longer to close up the pool. Planters, rugs, and furniture won’t mind a little chill either. Anything in and around your deck should remain in place until the first snow fall. Consider adding, not taking away from the look of your deck in the fall. Now is the time to change up the decor, add new, season appropriate accessories and take advantage of all the beauty fall has to offer.


If we try our best, we can pretend that summer isn’t ending. With a warm fall and lots of outdoor activities planned for the season, denial will be ours. We can’t, however, deny the fact that sunlight is at a premium and our days are dramatically shorter. With some great lighting, we can do our best to fake it. If your deck already has lighting, you know how important it is for safety. You are also familiar with the atmosphere that good lighting can provide for you deck. Fall, with its shorter days, is the time to take advantage of any lighting you already have. It’s also a great time to consider adding more lighting to your decking. If you’re not in the market to install more permanent lighting to your deck consider other, more temporary and versatile options. Solar lights make this easy and affordable. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Patio lanterns, fairy lights, candles, and tea lights also provide a little light that can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones outside, longer.

New found entertainment

While traditional entertainment in the summer might include, horseshoes, swimming, barbecuing and bocce, the fall should only add to this list of entertainment choices. Your deck can play host to family game night or a game of poker with the guys. If you can place a tv on your deck, catching a ball game under the stars is relaxing and unique. If you have a hot tub, fall is your season. Generally, the heat of a hot tub on the deck is more enjoyable when the air temperature isn’t rivaling the water temperature. Evenings in the fall with a drink in hand, enjoying a good soak while the sun sets, are epic.

Don’t let the end of summer be the end of good times on your deck. Use your imagination, get creative and expand your perception of what a deck can be used for. You spend good resources on the investment of a deck. Get out there and enjoy your deck this fall season. Our experts at Hickory Dickory Decks can help you prepare your deck for the fall and winter season, so you can enjoy your deck for longer. So whether you’re looking at preparing your deck for the fall, repairing your old and/or damaged deck, or shopping around to create a new deck for your backyard, contact us today and we’ll help you with all your decking needs.

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You may find your dog enjoys your deck as much as you do. If you already own a pup but not a deck, now is your opportunity to Design Your Deck with your best friend in mind.

There are numerous factors that should be considered while trying to build a dog-friendly outdoor space. Your deck can be a welcoming and comfortable space for your dog.




When choosing the design and materials for your new deck, most of what you love, your dog will love also. Budget is just about the only factor your pooch could care less about.

Decking Materials

Using nontoxic materials is a no brainier. Your dog will have more exposure to your deck materials than anyone else. Wood, paint, and stains should all be nontoxic, especially if you have a chewer on your hands. Pressure treated wood is not likely the best choice for Rover. If using a stain or paint ensure it is oil based. If your dog has an appetite for wood, there is a product on the market that can be applied to the surface of the deck and create an undesirable taste for you dog, leaving your deck intact.

Making a Deck Safe

A safe deck will have all the necessary railings. This is especially important if you are planning a high deck or multi-level deck.  Dogs are not cats and can suffer a variety of injuries because of a fall off your deck. Make sure all the posts in your railing are properly spaced, ensuring your dog can’t fit through them or even get stuck. Ensure all plants that you place on and around your new deck are pet-friendly. Speak with your veterinary about any plants you plan to use to ensure that they are not poisonous for dogs. Don’t let your deck design become an unsafe structure for your dog.

Making Your Dog Comfortable On Deck

You may find it necessary to take your dog’s comfort into account when considering your deck design. Perhaps your best friend would enjoy built-in water dishes.Your dog will be eternally grateful for a friendly water station. Consider a low-maintenance deck and one that is perhaps a lighter colour in order to keep Rover’s paws from getting burnt in the hot sun. A lighter coloured deck will be a cooler one. Provide a mat for your dog to lounge on and if space permits, a little room to play.

Although it may sound funny, it might actually help if you get down on all fours so you can see things on their level, which makes it easier to detect and solve any problems before they become a safety hazard for your dog. A well-designed deck can be comfortable and safe for everyone, even man’s best friend.

If you’ve been looking into getting a deck for your home but unsure how to go about the process, Hickory Dickory Decks is the largest deck building company in Canada and has built hundreds of decks that take pets into consideration. See if there is a Location Near Your Home or take a look at some of our Previous Work.