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It’s never too late to start that deck project. There’s nothing worse for a homeowner than deck regret after a great summer. You didn’t have that new deck built and although you enjoyed the summer, you could have done without the splinters. Well, it’s not too late to get that deck of your dreams.


Procel and hardwood deck


Fall is often a great time to book your favourite deck designer. Though not officially an off-season, many decking companies will offer discounts for fall builds, which allow them to fill their calendar and spread out their projects. Having a deck built in the fall will have you enjoying your new deck before the snow flies.

There is a perception out there that the best time to build a deck is in the spring and summer. Indeed, the best time to build your deck is when time and budget best suits you. Having a deck built in the fall will ensure that your new outdoor space is fully ready when spring hits. You won’t lose good weather days to construction.

Lead times in the fall may also be greatly reduced. Your project time frame can be greatly reduced for this reason and instead of waiting 8 -12 for contractors to arrive, a new deck build in the fall can see completion in a few short weeks.

The weather conditions of fall are generally more predictable than that of spring. This will help with your timeline as many deck builders will work when the snow flies but not in the rain.

Don’t spend another summer wishing you had built that deck of your dreams. Think ahead and build this fall. When April showers bring may flowers, you won’t regret it.