American Louvered Roofs – What will they think of next?

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The Jetson’s probably had one. Other than that, you’ll have to see it, to believe it. Picture an outdoor roof for your patio that has more versatility than can be imagined. American louvered roofs bring exciting back to your patio with this cutting edge, revolutionary shelter.     American louvered roofs provide the meaning of luxurious… Read more »

Great Gazebos

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If you’re in the market for a gazebo, you might consider Country Lane Gazebos. They specialize in one area of expertise and will bring their best to the table, ensuring your new gazebo will meet or exceed your expectations. Country Lane Gazebos is a family-owned business founded in 1994 by Samuel Stoltzfus. They offer quality… Read more »

Beams to put a finishing touch on your dream deck

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Beams can give your deck more than a foundation and stability. Extending your foundation beams or adding beams to your decking project will open up a number of opportunities to enhance your deck’s functionality and appearance. Beams facilitate many other elements of a deck. Beams allow for a roll back shade or a pergola. This… Read more »

Three season rooms that are easy on the eyes

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At Sunspaces, three season rooms become a reality for you and your home. With more than 4000 projects under their construction belt, you can go forward with your dream of that unique addition. While a new deck, barbecue or gazebo may be part of the plan for your outdoor space, don’t rule out a sunroom…. Read more »

Privacy Screens

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If your deck sometimes feels like a fish bowl, you might be in the market for a privacy screen. Do you enjoy  skinny dipping in your hot tub? Do your neighbours keep inviting themselves to dinner because they can’t resist your gorgeous deck and scrumptious bbq? A privacy screen can be a decorative and relatively inexpensive solution. A… Read more »

Bananas for Cabanas

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Likely the most versatile backyard element there is, just saying the word, “cabana” makes you wanna party, but what is a cabana exactly and what is it’s purpose? The beauty of having a cabana is that it can serve so many functions that we at Hickory Dickory Decks are hard pressed to label for the… Read more »