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Welcome to our newest website and to our new deck blog. During this Christmas season I want to suggest that some of you deck enthusiasts add a new custom built, low maintenance outdoor living space to your Santa’s wish list.

Why NOW is the Best Time to Buy a Deck

Most home owners would naturally think of starting their deck project in the spring. Going out into their backyard to spring clean and the “old deck” just doesn’t look too inviting anymore. This is perfectly okay, but everyone is doing the same so the good time spots and any winter specials will be gone. Our team at Hickory Dickory Decks are ready and willing to come visit your home this winter, even if we have to make our way to the backyard through some white stuff.

Backyard Deck Ideas

We love designing unique, custom decks and if we have more time to think and plan your deck, our backyard deck ideas will be more creative. We are also doing lots of training during the winter months so we may get two or more designers working on your deck design. We also are practicing on new design software so we can give you a 3D design to help you see exactly what your new deck will be like.

The Deck Book for backyard deck ideasFor some backyard deck ideas, please read about Our New Deck Book. Call 1 800 263 4774 or e-mail if you would like a copy.

I hope that some of you deck shoppers do call us from December to March and look forward to our team at Hickory Dickory Decks helping you design a fantastic custom deck for your home for the 2014 season. Happy holidays and I hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Jacques