How to Build a Deck – Part #1

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Considering building your own deck but aren’t sure where to start. Throughout this series, we will present step by step instructions on how to build a deck.   Step #1 in the process, is to obtain the materials needed for the job. Deck building requires a lot of varied materials. This can be a lot… Read more »

Outdoor spaces to replace the cottage

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Perhaps you had plans to buy a cottage this year and are having second thoughts. You’re not the only one. Throughout the pandemic, many things have been hard to come by, including cottage sales. With the added need to keep our social circles small, many are changing gears. This is where a backyard oasis comes… Read more »

Priorities During a Pandemic

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Many of us are at home. Not on vacation, not by choice. COVID-19 has put us all into circumstances that are unprecedented. For Hickory Dickory Decks, April is the start of a very busy time. We are typically running at 110%. 2020 has brought a very different deck season and a vastly different way of… Read more »

What is the Janka Scale?

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For those of us who can’t resist the look and feel of real wood, the Janka Scale can be a valuable tool. While composite and vinyl decking are leading in the decking industry because of quality, comfort and longevity, there are a few of us who will insist on wood when investing in a new… Read more »

2020 Trends in the Deck Industry (Deck Trends)

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Backyard deck railing

All home décor has its time in the sun. Just like each season brings it own style, so does each year. Home décor trends of 2020 aren’t limited to the inside of your home. 2020 trends for outdoor living exist and here are a few of them. Multi-Coloured Decking Trends in decking colour choices change… Read more »

Spend the Winter Preparing for that Spring Deck

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Didn’t get a new deck this year? No worries. Spend the winter making a plan to finally create the outdoor space you deserve. Focus on the beauty and design of the centrepiece. Your new low-maintenance deck.     Planning While many newly built decks are still being constructed of wood, if you want your new… Read more »

Maintaining Health and Safety in the Workplace

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  Whether you are an employer or an employee, health and safety should be of great importance in your workplace. Thousands are injured every year in the province of Ontario alone. In fact, last year more than 150 workers lost their lives while on the job. Being able to return home from work each day,… Read more »