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Sad but true. Fall is upon us and winterizing the house is likely something you do every year in anticipation of the cold months ahead. Your deck should be getting the same attention.

Before doing anything to your deck, you will want to take a walk around it. Assess any damage or areas that could use some TLC, remove any furniture and give it a good cleaning. A little sweet talk won’t hurt either. Your deck isn’t looking forward to winter anymore than you are.


Rainbow over home with beautiful front porch


Take a walk about

Now is great time to make those repairs. Who’s got the time or initiative during the summer to be outside fixing the deck, when you could be enjoying it. With the cooler months, repairs can be made more comfortably and come spring, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Clearing the deck

Take any plants or clippings of plants you want to save inside. If your planters are ceramic, indoors is the place for them during the harsh winter. Cleaning and covering or better yet storing your deck furniture inside will keep it in great shape. Remember not to close up shop too early on your deck. The deck is a great place to carve those Halloween pumpkins.

Give it a little elbow grease

After many a barbecue and lots of pools parties, your deck is likely in need a good cleaning. There are lots of great products out there that will do the trick. If you use a power washer, be careful, as too much force can damage a wood deck.  Now is also the ideal time to stain or varnish your deck if you have been planning to.

Putting in the work now to winterize your deck will have you spending more time outdoors when the warm weather is finally upon us again.