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You’ve got that one person that’s hard to buy for. That one person might be yourself or your spouse. How about a new deck for this person?

As extravagant as it might seem, a new deck can make all the difference in the world of someone you love.


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If you’re the kind of husband that finds yourself scouring the malls on Christmas eve and enduring all that comes from leaving your shopping to the last minute, consider buying your spouse that much needed deck. A fall or even winter build can save you money. Booking off-season can get you a better price and afford you the time to consider designs, accessories and add-ons. Choosing to give the gift of decking will also give you more time to pay for that gift. A deposit on a new deck will afford you more time throughout the winter to save up for the remainder of the cost.

Choosing a deck as a Christmas gift will do doubt save your summer when it rolls around. Having all the details hammered out before the warm months will save you time.¬†With the booking of a new deck project in the off-season, you can ensure that even if your new deck isn’t built in the winter, that it is the first one to break ground come spring. Having your property under construction during the summer months will cut into your enjoyment of the season. When you unwrap that shiny new deck on Christmas morning, you will find yourself enjoying those warm early spring days long before the kids are out of school.

Building a deck in the winter can have its challenges but nothing that can’t be worked around. Shorter daylight hours along with inclement weather¬†can slow your project down but if you’re not in a hurry to lay out on the deck in the middle of winter, these delays won’t affect your eventual enjoyment of that perfect Christmas gift.

Unwrap a new deck this year. After all, there are only so many ties and small appliances you can own. A new deck will be the gift that keeps on giving.