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If you aren’t ready to hibernate for the winter and taking all your activities inside for the winter is making you blue, consider a three season room to extend your fun and loving outdoor season. While any addition to your home will increase your living space, additions have also been known to decrease bank accounts. One of the most affordable additions you can make to your home is the three season room.

Deck with Furnished Three Season Room

The three season room allows for an extended seasonal period while providing the kind of protection that comes with a roof. The three season room is one step ahead of the pergola and is gaining in popularity throughout the country. Unpredictable weather and changing seasons don’t have to keep you inside. A three season room can blur the lines between outside and inside. This is a good thing.

The cost of a three season room will vary dramatically, depending on what you’re looking for. The good news is, a three season room can be designed to meet all your needs. Not sure what you want in a three season room? Obtaining quotes from three to five contractors will give you an idea of not only what this home enhancement will cost but give you ideas about design and size. A three season room can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $100,000 and beyond. The sky is the limit. Speaking of the sky, keep in mind that the main focus around a three season room is to bring the outdoors, in. Consider skylights and loads of windows when determining a budget.

Other things that will affect your bottom line are:


Obviously, a 12 X12 foot space won’t cost as much as a 16 X18 foot space. The decision of what size your three season room will be is going to depend on structural limitations, preferences, and budget.


What style of roof you choose for your three season room will affect the price. You may choose a simple shed style roof or something more elaborate like a gable roof. Skylights pitch, and insulation affect price as well.


If you are adding a three season room to an already existing foundation, you can expect the price to be lower. As long as the structure is sturdy and something you can live with for a long period of time, building on an existing foundation may be the way to go. Expanding an existing foundation is an alternative to a new one as well.


It’s true that most three season rooms do not have electricity or plumbing. It’s these missing items that make three season rooms the most affordable home additions. You will, however, want air flow to go along with the protection that a three season room will bring. How many windows and what kind will affect the budget. Protection from heat and cold can be achieved without a central system, and the quality of windows you decide on will greatly affect the insulating factor of your three season room. The quality of your windows will also affect the budget.


Building a three season room in an open space would be ideal but let’s face it, in most cases, some kind of demolition needs to take place. Hydro, gas, or other lines may need to be moved as well. All these preparations will increase any quote you get for your new three season room. Remember to call before you dig. Many municipalities offer free locates. Knowing where your gas and other lines are, are imperative to a safe dig.


If you are investing the money into an addition like a three season room, you will no doubt have plans for your new space that include fixtures, furniture, and the kind of details that will increase the budget. Unless your three season room is being used for a yoga studio, seating will be needed. Include this in your budget. Ceiling fans, plants, window treatments, decor, and flooring will also add to your new space and your bottom line. These things won’t be included in any quote you get from the contractors. It’s up to you to ensure you have a handle on these extra costs.

Choosing a three season room as an addition to your home is a great alternative to a four season room mainly because of cost. A screened three season room does not require you to dig a foundation. A three season room does not require electricity, plumbing, insulation, or heating and cooling systems. There will be no need to pay for an architect or electrician. You may even choose to do some of the finishing work yourself.

Three season rooms provide the same increase in square footage at a more affordable price. When you can’t be outside, lounging in a three season room can be the next best thing. Need more information or looking to get a quote? Contact us today. Our team of licensed carpenters and craftspeople at Hickory Dickory Decks take great pride in each project and strive to meet the standards of our valued customers.