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Thanks to technology, we are no longer the only smart ones in our home. With smartphones, smart televisions and smart watches, there is no reason why your deck and entire outdoor space can’t enjoy this kind of technology as well. Being smart in the technical sense takes a whole lot more than an education and a big brain. There are many ways we can add that smart factor to our decks, patios, gardens, pools and more.


deck with fireplace and television


Wireless technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. Good wireless technology is no longer reserved for those pricey brands. Through wireless technology, your favourite playlist can be enjoyed outside on your deck. No more running cords and speakers through the screen door. You can even enjoy a good horseshoe game with your favourite tunes. Wireless technology doesn’t just bring your karaoke game outside. There are wireless speakers out there that have wireless charging technology, ensuring your smart phone stays smart and awake.

Consider a “smart” meat thermometer. This handy little device will take the guessing game from barbecuing. The smart thermometer will have your smartphone alerting you when your food has reached the desired temperature. The smart thermometer ensures all your guests enjoy their steak done their way.

Smart irrigation makes the job of watering lawns and gardens easier than ever. With cost, conservation and convenience in mind, a smart sprinkler system might be right for you. Whether you are retrofitting an existing system or have been considering an irrigation system for your property, smart is the way to go. Many smart irrigation systems are simple to use. By simply inputting some information such as plant/soil type, postal code and number of watering days, your smart system will take care of the rest. The ability of your smart irrigation system to know when and how much to water, can save time, money and water.


low voltage lighting on a deck


Smart lighting will also save you both time and money as well. For lighting to do its job, whether it be mood lighting or functionality, it needs to be managed in a way that makes your investment effective. Lights can’t work if they aren’t on at the right times. There’s an app for that. Your deck and patio lights, along with any garden lighting can be turned on and off with your smartphone from anywhere. In the past, programming was the hottest function.  Now dimming and mood lighting can be at your fingertips with smart lighting. Don’t forget about solar powered lighting. This has taken the budget from the hydro bill to the actual lighting investment. The consumer can now bring more light in, without the worry of increasing an already large electricity bill.


robot lawnmower cutting grass


Grass cutting and pool safety have also gone smart. Why not invest in a robot to cut the grass. Just like a robotic vacuum, this latest technology will make grass cutting effortless. It can be programmed to cut the grass prior to coming home from work. For many, this would be a dream come true. Linked to any smartphone, you can check up on your robot to ensure the job is getting done. Way more reliable than the typical teenager.

Pool alarms have been around for some time now. Their technology has gotten more sensitive over time, making them more reliable and accurate. Now your pool alarm can be turned on and off with your smartphone from anywhere. You can also be alerted through your smartphone when the pool alarm is activated and you won’t find yourself leaving a dinner date for every drowning leaf that enters your pool.

Taking the latest technology to your outdoor space is an effective way to make that outdoor space even more comfortable. Besides, who wants to work during the spring and summer. With a smartphone in hand, all your amenities will be right at your fingerprints.

Perhaps you have the technology already and are in need of a deck.  For the best decks in Canada, contact Hickory Dickory Decks today.