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Who says taking the stairs can’t be fun. Designing you own deck can be exciting, but also at times confusing with all the elements to consider. Deck stairs and the multiple options available can be mind boggling but don’t have be.

Taking the stairs will take on a whole new meaning once you’ve navigated through the design options that come with choosing the right set of stairs for that new deck. Will your budget fit your vision? Many factors will determine the price of your deck stairs. Square footage, is not the only variable affecting price. The design, materials and number of stairs will bring the price up or down as well.

090 curved Veka vinyl steps 008 3 sided wrap around step


There are deck stair calculators out there that will not give an accurate estimate of cost because of the many factors effecting price. Lighting is functional and adds to the design of any deck, but will obviously cost more. Curved stairs, though interesting and easy on the eyes will cost more than straight stairs. Caping your stairs will give it a finished look but will increase the quantity of materials and therefore increase the cost of your decking project. Keep the height of your deck in mind when considering the cost as well. The more stairs it takes to reach the ground, the higher the cost.

012 spirel steps 015 800 foot Xtendex


The design of your deck stairs demand your attention to detail. Deck stairs are a natural focal point of your deck. Your deck stairs should not break the bank, but be functional and pleasing to the eye. The design of your deck stairs should fit in with the overall design of your deck. With so many options in building materials available, design options are endless. Working closely with your builder will ensure that your vision will not be lost and your decking project will be finishing off with a great set of stairs.