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You have recently uncovered your deck and perhaps it hasn’t faired too well under all that snow and cold or perhaps all the snow this year was a welcome distraction to the unsightly appearance of your deck.  Either way,  the warm weather will be soon upon us and that means it’s time to spring clean your deck.

kids lying on the deck in summer


Annual deck maintenance will protect your investment and increase enjoyment of your outdoor space. Whether your deck is made of wood or of low-maintenance products,  every deck needs a little tlc this time of year. Though you’ll want to wait until the temperatures come out of the freezing range,  don’t wait until it gets too warm. If you simply want to remove grime from your wood deck, a simple scrubbing will do the trick but sometimes spring cleaning your deck is little more involved. After cleaning a wood deck, it may still be grey. If this isn’t the desired colour, a power washing or sanding is in order. It’s best to do this during the early spring and not to wait for summer as the heat can put a lot of stress on the wood. You don’t likely want to be dragging the hose out in the cold weather, but this is the perfect time to spring clean your deck. A bleach cleaner will remove mildew and dirt and when applied with a brush followed by a light sanding, is much gentler on the wood surface than power washing.

If your deck is made of low-maintenance materials, your spring cleaning will likely be less labour intensive but not less important. After a year of falling leaves, piles of snow and a dog too lazy to do his business on the lawn, even a low-maintenance deck is in need of a good spring cleaning. Scrub your deck with a soft brush and use a cleaner with oxalic acid to remove rust and leaf stains. A power washer is not recommended unless used by a professional as it can permanently damage the surface of your low-maintenance deck.

You’ll be happy you took the time and effort now, to spring clean your deck. Soon enough, the warm weather will be upon us, and you’ll be thrilled your spring cleaning is done. Your deck will thank you too.