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Whether your spa is the focal point of your deck or simply an add-on to your existing outdoor space, a well designed spa deck can take your experience out of the simple rhelm of relaxation into a multi-purpose backyard element.

Victoria day weekend is fast approaching and there’s not much that’s more Canadian than sitting around your hot tub with a few friends. How your friends get into your spa can make or break their experience. A spa deck built by Hickory Dickory Decks, will ensure your guests are not left gracefully straddling precariously on the edge, while trying not to spill their drink and holding their bathing suit up. Or worse, with nothing on at all.

Whether you are looking to Hickory Dickory Decks to build your new spa deck or you are looking forward to doing it yourself, your new spa deck will add value and enjoyment to your home. For those of you that want to use your spa on a daily basis, having the comforts of home included in your spa deck is essential. This might include lights and speakers, storage and seating. Hickory Dickory Decks can built all of this and more. The options are endless, but a successful project will depend on a clear plan. While many designs for spa decks are available, knowing your needs are imperative in designing the right spa deck for you. There are countless materials available that will ensure your spa deck goals are met. There are low maintenance , slip resistant materials with lots of colour choices. Materials that won’t crack, peel or warp. A new spa deck can compliment your existing outdoor leisure space, including your home and landscaping.

How you entertain with your new spa deck, and with whom is up to you. A well built spa deck will provide beauty, safety and privacy. A well built spa deck will help to ensure that no one sees more of your company than you intended.