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You might be delighted to find so many options available to you for the designing of your new deck. And you’ll be downright ecstatic to realize the array of choices available for finishing touches like railings. A great railing is the icing on the cake for your deck creation.

005 white vinyl rail at 10 Decker Lane


Deck Railing Options

While structure and engineering is so important in the success of a well-built deck, let’s face it, support beams and permits are boring. Railings however, provide excitement during the deck building process. When the time comes to decide on the railing for your new deck, you can bet there will be loads of choices in material, colour and design.

Whether your deck is made of wood or low maintenance materials, the rails you choose for that deck come in all sorts of options. Deciding on the look you want to achieve should be one of your first considerations. There’s likely a rail system for the look you desire.  More important than this is the consideration of safety. Establish what precautions need to be considered and fulfill these first.

After safety has been taken care of, start the process of deciding which rail system best suits your deck. You will want one that compliments both your deck and your house. Choose a colour scheme that will add to your existing outdoor space, not take away from it.

054 hardwood rail with tempered glass panels


Budget will be an important factor in deciding which railings will best suit you. Price can vary greatly. Per foot, a rail system can cost between $10 for pressure treated wood rails and $150 for a glass rail system.

Materials used in railing systems include wood, glass, aluminum, vinyl, composite, and metal. Many designs will incorporate more than one of these elements. Design options in railings can add great appeal to your deck and ultimately your whole outdoor space. A great railing system can add light, provide privacy, increase safety and add a designer look to any deck.

While many aspects of building a deck are mundane, the finishing touches, including a great railing system can add glamour  and excitement to your project.