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If your deck sometimes feels like a fish bowl, you might be in the market for a privacy screen.

Do you enjoy  skinny dipping in your hot tub? Do your neighbours keep inviting themselves to dinner because they can’t resist your gorgeous deck and scrumptious bbq? A privacy screen can be a decorative and relatively inexpensive solution. A nosy neighbour may be the thing to put you in the market for a privacy screen, but not the only thing.  A raised deck, a hot tub or pool, and proximity to noise are some of the aspects of life that made a privacy fence just the thing to complete your outdoor space.



If your privacy screen is being built in conjunction with your new deck, the materials you use  to build your privacy screen may be elementary.  It will likely be made from similar or complementary materials so that your privacy screen reflects the design of your overall space.

Regardless of whether you are building your privacy screen while you construct your outdoor space or after that space has already been built, your privacy screen should complement the overall look.

There are so many options when it comes to design and materials.  Gone are the days when privacy screens were made of pressure treated wood with lattice as the most common design. Cedar, pvc, glass, aluminum,  concrete and composite are some of the options available to you now and design options are endless.  Often, a combination of materials is what works best for a project.  Some privacy screens can actually be cultivated  from nature.  With the right foundation, foliage can become the thing that provides you solitude. Your privacy screen is quite literally your horizontal deck and durability needs to be considered when making choices in design, materials and even your contractor.

Privacy screens can do more that just provide seclusion.  They can be used to create new garden spaces and to separate old ones.   Privacy screens can also serve as a noise barrier.  When a fence just doesn’t cut it, a privacy screen can add that extra layer of seclusion in your very own retreat.

Today’s outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space and deserves the same attention.  A privacy screen will bring the ambiance that you’ve come to expect from your entire home.