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The arsenal of tools we use to survive the extreme weather in Canada includes the  awning.  We spend much of the year complaining about the frigid temperatures and the remainder of the year complaining about the unbelievable heat.  The awning must have been created by Mother Nature.  A great awning over a great deck is an apology of sorts.


You have had Hickory Dickory Decks already build you the deck of your dreams.  It has transformed your life, increased your property value, and your living space.  It has created an outdoor atmosphere  that begs for a celebration. But alas, you are unable to set foot on your new deck, for fear of bursting into flames.

Although many low maintenance decking materials resist this extreme heat,  there is no battling the west facing sun in the early afternoon.  Unless you have an awning.  Awnings come in many different materials and styles and whether you choose a stationary or retractable awning, it will be the best hangover you’ve every had.  At Hickory Dickory Decks, we don’t just help you get your deck built, we help you complete your outdoor space and sometimes this project calls for an awning.   Your awning’s job is not only to protect your toes from the being charred, but it will also break strong winds, and protect you from a downpour.  No more rained out barbecues.  When you’re looking at 35 degree weather and 100 percent humidity, the 20 degrees that an awning can take off that sweltering day is a God send.

In 50 bc, the Roman poet Lucretius,  said “Linen-awning, stretched, over mighty theatres, gives forth at times, a cracking roar, when much ’tis beaten about, betwixt the poles and cross-beams”.  Basically saying that when all else is lost ,  you’ll still have your awning.  Though a little dramatic,  a well built and installed awning will last many many years.  Unlike sails , umbrellas and pop up canopies, awning are semi permanent. Many are warranted for 25 years or more.  Ask your Hickory Dickory Decks specialist about your future outdoor project.

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White Pergola on Deck

Pergolas have to be the prettiest outdoor element out there.  It’s the sweetheart of the decking industry and at Hickory Dickory Decks, pergolas are the icing on the cake.  A well built pergola can complete a backyard makeover like nothing else.

Designing your pergola allows for plenty of creativity and there are endless options.  Size and shape will the define overall look of your pergola but the materials you use are important as well.  Like all decking projects, there are a range of materials available to the consumer.  In the past, many pergolas  were built of red cedar because of it’s beauty and durability,  but a world of options have opened up in the decking industry.  These options have given the consumer many, many choices when it comes to the design and  the overall look of their pergola.  Wood, vinyl, metal, and fiberglass, pvc and composite are some of the materials available.  These options provide an abundance of colour and pattern to your project and often, more than one will be used.

Traditionally, a pergola is a garden feature,  forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area with vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice.  More modern uses for a pergola include an organic space to entertain.  A well built structure,  along with the naturally grown foliage that often trains it way on and over a well placed pergola,  will create a cozy and intimate venue for friends and family.

While the look of your pergola is important,  the quality of it’s structure is equally important. Because a pergola is often used for shelter from the elements, your structure will need to withstand all kinds of extreme weather.  Hickory Dickory Decks has more than 25 years experience in providing this kind of quality.

Creativity is key when designing a pergola.  It’s your chance to utilize non traditional colours and textures.  It is, after all, accenting an already much loved backyard.  Designing your pergola is not the time to be conservative.  Put your pergola out there, for all to see.  With the help of Hickory Dickory Decks,  your new pergola will be your new conversation piece.


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If you are planning a new deck, Clubhouse decking is a product you’ll  want to learn more about. You’ll want the best and Clubhouse has got it. Clubhouse decking  is unique among composite decking materials and is produced by Deceuninck, a renowned manufacturer of vinyl and pvc products since 1937.

Clubhouse Decking with lighting

When choosing your decking materials, composite low maintenance decking is something you will likely consider and Clubhouse decking is a leader in the low-maintenance decking industry. Clubhouse is light weight. It is 100 percent pvc and contains no wood product. Because of this, it is up to 25 percent lighter than many other composite decking materials. Clubhouse decking will integrate beautifully into your existing outdoor space or can help shape a new one.


Clubhouse has a unique fastening system that is easy to install, and will leave your deck surface untouched. The Clubhouse hidden fastener biscuit option acts like a tongue, simultaneously spacing the deck boards and holding them down.

Clubhouse  decking and vinyl railing system with SunShield technology features a limited lifetime warranty with 25-year fade and stain coverage.  Sun, wind, rain, even snow and ice – relax, you’re covered.

The result of using Clubhouse decking and the experts at Hickory Dickory Decks for your next project, is a deck that will stand the test of time.  It will resist colour and grain fading, will withstand all kinds of extreme weather and cleans up easily with standard household cleaners.

Your deck is an investment. Clubhouse will ensure that you are enjoying your investment for years to come.

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Spa Deck image

Whether your spa is the focal point of your deck or simply an add-on to your existing outdoor space, a well designed spa deck can take your experience out of the simple rhelm of relaxation into a multi-purpose backyard element.

Victoria day weekend is fast approaching and there’s not much that’s more Canadian than sitting around your hot tub with a few friends. How your friends get into your spa can make or break their experience. A spa deck built by Hickory Dickory Decks, will ensure your guests are not left gracefully straddling precariously on the edge, while trying not to spill their drink and holding their bathing suit up. Or worse, with nothing on at all.

Whether you are looking to Hickory Dickory Decks to build your new spa deck or you are looking forward to doing it yourself, your new spa deck will add value and enjoyment to your home. For those of you that want to use your spa on a daily basis, having the comforts of home included in your spa deck is essential. This might include lights and speakers, storage and seating. Hickory Dickory Decks can built all of this and more. The options are endless, but a successful project will depend on a clear plan. While many designs for spa decks are available, knowing your needs are imperative in designing the right spa deck for you. There are countless materials available that will ensure your spa deck goals are met. There are low maintenance , slip resistant materials with lots of colour choices. Materials that won’t crack, peel or warp. A new spa deck can compliment your existing outdoor leisure space, including your home and landscaping.

How you entertain with your new spa deck, and with whom is up to you. A well built spa deck will provide beauty, safety and privacy. A well built spa deck will help to ensure that no one sees more of your company than you intended.

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Screened-in Porch Example

Porches are trending in the housing market today and a screened-in porch can not only add value to your life but also, value to your home. The new home owners of today are becoming porch sitters and the increase in popularity of screened-in porches is creating a world of design options like never before.

With the design experts at Hickory Dickory Decks and the wide variety of materials available, your new screened-in porch will look nothing like your Grandma’s porch.

The word porch comes from the latin word, “portico” and the words “screened in porches” come from modern day english, meaning, “can’t take the bugs.” We all enjoy the outdoors but for some of us, the mosquitos, blackflies and not so perfect weather can put a real damper on all the festivities. A screened-in porch is a perfect solution.

A screened-in porch is not just a deck, but also an architectural feature of your home. It gives you a place to take your living outside, and ultimately increases the square footage of your living space.

Whether your screened-in porch is built on an existing structure such as a backyard deck or a front porch, or your own creation, the design experts and experienced carpenters at Hickory Dickory Decks will bring your vision to life.

The screened in porch can be a place where your personal life meets your public life and a screened-in porch can showcase your personal flair. With so many options in design and materials, it can also be where you dine or even sleep. Whether you are looking for a hanging swing as the focus of your screened-in porch or a hanging bed, (yes, I said hanging bed), Hickory Dickory Decks can build it. We are just as excited as you to create your indoor/outdoor space.


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Pool deck ready for cannonballs

You perfected your cannonball last year but you got pretty tired of dragging the neighbours trampoline over to the pool each time you wanted to impress your friends. This year, why not consider a pool deck.

Whether you are replacing an old pool deck or building a new pool deck, the comfort and appeal that this project will add to your landscape will truly impress your friends.

A well built pool deck can outlast your pool. With Hickory Dickory Decks offering so many options in design and materials, there is a pool deck for everyone.

Low maintenance decking is an excellent option for any wet area and makes for a great slip resistant surface for safety around the pool. A pool deck made of low maintenance materials will keep you swimming and allow you to enjoy more time around the pool with family and friends.

A low maintenance pool deck also means no slivers, less warping, no peeling or cracking and no surface nails and screws. These materials also retain less heat which is a bonus on those sweltering summer days.

When Building a pool deck, you’ll also want to consider visual landscape pieces to match. Accessories like planter boxes, benches and seating and gazebos. Also security features to ensure safe swimming all year round.

Although a low maintenance pool deck is a great option when looking or build a new pool deck, it’s not the only one. Whether you want the challenge of building your own pool deck or want to hire the professionals to build your pool deck, Hickory Dickory Decks has the materials, designs and experience to help you get the job done.

Contact your local HDD sales representative to discuss all your pool decks options.

Hickory Dickory Decks has more than 25 years experience in the decking business and want to save your neighbors the visual of you launching off their trampoline, into that award winning cannonball.

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Low maintenance deck

Hickory Dickory Decks started building custom decks in 1987, and in the first year or two most of our decks were pressure treated. What we soon found out though was that pressure treated decking cracks and splinters much more than B.C. western red cedar. Since we decided that Hickory Dickory Decks wanted to build premium custom decks we soon switched to cedar. Canada has some of the best outdoor decking materials in the world such as B.C. western red cedar. I flew out to British Columbia and after a few great days on the Whistler, Blackcomb slopes I checked out lots of cedar mills. Cedar was losing major ground to pressure treated but when the consumer was told the benefits of cedar they chose it 9 times out of 10. Cedar has a fantastic natural look and resistance to insect damage naturally without adding dangerous manmade chemicals like arsenic which is what pressure treated was using. Cedar allows stains to protect it further but our customers were finding most retail deck stains only lasted one year making their new deck a yearly maintenance headache. If cedar is left without stain it will naturally fade to a silver-grey colour and if our customer liked this look we recommended they leave their deck natural and therefore it became low maintenance.

The main problem with this was that the majority of our customers did not like grey decks and that started our quest for other low maintenance options. Today we have many different brands of low maintenance decking from wood/plastic composites, some with recycled plastic of various types, to complete vinyl decking. There is also fiberglass composition, recycled carpet fiber and many other low maintenance deck options which makes up over 80 percent of our customer’s decks. Its main benefit is no yearly staining maintenance, however it offers many other useful benefits. It will usually last much longer then a wooden deck which makes it the low cost option over time. Some of the other characteristics that some of these products offer are that they are less slippery when wet, have no slivers, cracking, warping, twisting, no knot holes and some reflect heat and have 25 year warranties.

Hickory Dickory Decks has built over 10,000 projects using most of the products on the market and we will be happy to educate you about the advantages and disadvantages of these products, depending of your personal requirements for your deck. Please visit our websites,, to find out more about our current best sellers and call for some free advice.

Tom Jacques
President and CEO of Hickory Dickory Decks

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NyloDeck LogoFirst impressions are lasting impressions. Just ask Tom Jacques, owner of Hickory Dickory Decks, who first noticed eco-friendly NyloDeck at DeckExpo 2012. As the second largest decking installer in the world, Ontario Canada based Hickory Dickory Decks prides itself on offering top-of-the-line composite decking in its stores.

At first glance while walking the show, Tom was attracted to NyloDeck’s natural, wood-like appearance. “NyloDeck is a good looking product,” said Tom. “It looked natural and less like plastic with its variegated look and embossed pattern. I became more even more intrigued by the use of recycled carpet fiber in the product’s composition,” he noted.

A unique manufacturing process using 100 percent recycled carpet fiber provides NyloDeck with strength and durability that is superior to other composite decking materials. Containing no wood or PVC, NyloDeck is also impervious to moisture, mold, mildew and termites. In addition to its appearance and performance qualities, Tom was particularly drawn to the eco-friendly aspect of NyloDeck.

Environmentally Conscious Decking at its Best

“As a company we strive to become more environmentally conscious, and Hickory Dickory Decks likes to use products that are also doing their part. NyloDeck delivers an environmentally friendly and high performing quality product,” says Tom.

After reviewing other products displayed at the show, Tom selected NyloDeck as Hickory Dickory Decks’ new product line for the following year. Twelve months later, Tom says, “Customers continue to choose NyloDeck because of its look, and also because of its unique composition and environmental impact.”

When selecting a new line to carry, Tom’s top decision-making criteria included performance, appearance, price, supply and warranty. In evaluating NyloDeck, Tom quickly found several extraordinary qualities about the material. NyloDeck has the ability to span joists 24” O.C., along with unrivaled expansion and contraction rates. Additionally, NyloDeck comes with a 25-Year Limited Residential Fade and Stain Warranty on top of a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty. NyloDeck’s proprietary three-dimensional embossing process creates a unique and stunning finish. Similar to the uniqueness of natural wood, no two pieces of NyloDeck look exactly the same.

The Ideal Decking Product

Hickory Dickory Decks has 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada. With a diverse customer base, the company caters to an array of decking needs, and NyloDeck has proven ideal for conquering any project – from backyards to commercial installations.

“Customers have fallen in love with NyloDeck,” says Tom. He recalled a customer with a 40 foot deck who was especially ecstatic that NyloDeck is available in 24’ lengths. NyloDeck’s strength feature allows for fewer joints during the building process. NyloDeck’s strength also offers opportunities for creative designs and use of angles. He mentioned that customers also appreciate how easy the product is to handle, without the need for predrilling. NyloDeck’s compatibility with industry-leading fastener systems is also a popular attribute.

“NyloDeck is a great complement to our existing decking lines,” says Tom. “We are known for our selection of industry-leading, innovative products. NyloDeck, with its unique properties and selling features, is a good fit. Hickory Dickory Decks proudly carries NyloDeck and supports its vision for a new generation of decking.”

In 2013, NyloDeck sold 50% more than projected by Hickory Dickory Decks. The company has even greater growth.

Nylo Deck from the Air


NyloDeck HDD1

Caption 1: Hickory Dickory Decks has 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada. With a diverse customer base, the company caters to an array of decking needs, and NyloDeck has proven ideal for conquering any project.


NyloDeck - HDD2

Caption 2: He recalled a customer with a 40 foot deck who was especially ecstatic that NyloDeck is available in 24’ lengths. NyloDeck’s strength feature allows for fewer joints during the building process.


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So you want to buy your family a new custom deck and you are wondering how to choose your composite deck builders. This article will discuss the benefits of seeing some work and talking to some customers. The buying process of decks has become a larger and more complicated decision compared to 10 years ago for a few reasons. But, the number one reason is that there is so much choice; which contractor, which products and which design?

Education is the answer, and if you want to make the right decisions, you want to get educated on the topic. Our website will give you thousands of compostie deck design ideas in pictures. There is also lots of information on decking materials and links to manufacturer’s sites.

Choosing a competent composite deck builder doesn’t have to be hard. We recommend asking your family and friends for referrals of good deck contractors. For over 20 years now there has developed an entire industry that specializes in decks. The days of getting your renovation or fence contractor to build you a custom deck are gone. Go to the professionals. There are just too many products and code issues to keep up with if you only do one or two decks a year. And if you are considering composite decking there are even more considerations.

Who do you call when your toilet is broken? The plumber is the right answer for most and after getting some referrals, the web is probably the next place to look. Type “deck contractors” in google or and you will have lots of contractors to choose from. Do the basics; meet the deck contractor and see if you feel comfortable and confident in their ideas. Check for worker’s compensation, liability insurance and their answers on permits. Find design and materials that work for your family and your budget.

Go See the Work

Then go see some of their work. Lots of good things come out of seeing finished decks:

  • Does the deck contractor have someone who has built something like what you require or is it going to be their first?
  • What designs and products have they been using?
  • Is the contractor sending you to his one happy customer, or does he have hundreds or thousands?

I would suggest seeing at least two similar projects to what you are planning. Look for the finish details of the work, like mitered corners and sanded top railings.

Talk to the Customers

The most important information will come from the customer themselves.

  • Was the deck started on time, finished on time and on budget?
  • Was there good communication before, during and after construction?
  • How did they treat my property? Was the clean up done daily and after the deck was completed?

These are all very important factors in a great experience with your composite deck builder. I know it takes some time to do, but remember the dollars you are investing and remember the last renovation that went bad and do your homework. It isn’t complete until you see some work and talk to some customers. It will be worth it when over the years you are enjoying daily the pleasures of a great composite deck!

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Thinking about getting a composite deck?

Composite decking has been around now for over 15 years—and as it matures the list of benefits of its use over wood continues to grow. No staining, no slivers, slip resistance and a real wood appearance with minimal fading are just a few.

There is one problem though—with over 100 different products on the market, how do you know which composite decking material and manufacturer to go with? You need to do a composite decking comparison and deal with a company who has worked with composite decking over the years and knows not only which the best products are to use, but how to use them. Hickory Dickory Decks, for example, has built 1,000′s of composite decks and has both the experience to know how to use these products to success.

We are a stocking dealer of the leading composite decking manufacturers including Correctdeck, Azek, Veka, Timbertech, Trex, Kodiak, Northern Composites, Crosstimbers, Dexx, Xtendex, EZ Deck, Millenium, Xxcent, Weatherdeck, and our own private brand. We also can special order any other composite deck of your choice.

Before going with any particular make you’ll want to discuss the following questions with us.

Composite Decking Comparison Questions

  1. Which category is best for me?
    • Wood & Recycled Plastic Composites
    • PVC Vinyl
    • Capped Composite
    • Aluminum Decking
  2. How resistant is it to fading?
  3. How resistant is it to staining?
  4. How likely is it to breed mold and mildew?
  5. Is there a warranty that protects the buyer against splitting, cracking, rotting and insect damage?
  6. Does it meet architectural standards? And is it approved for use in your city?
  7. Can it be used on stairs?
  8. How environmentally friendly is it?
  9. What maintenance is required?
  10. What is the cost versus others?
  11. Are there any known issues with it?
  12. Are there a variety of colours to choose from? Textures?

The manufacturers also provide some good education. Trex provides a nice Side-by-side Comparison table between Capped Composite, PVC (Vinyl), Early Generation Composite and Wood which is pretty helpful.

Make note of the cons. Early-generation composite decking, for instance, is susceptible to fading, staining, mold, mildew and scratches.

Capped composite, on the other hand, is the perfect combination of toughness and beauty in addition to being easy on the environment.

Composite Deck

With proper product selection, used in the correct application, by an experienced low maintenance deck contractor, you will enjoy all the benefits: no staining, no slivers, no cracking, no warping, less slippery, looks great 365 days a year, and will outlast a wooden deck by 2, 3, or even 4 times.

We at Hickory Dickory Decks love building custom outdoor living environments for our customers. We use many different woods and more composite decking selection than anyone else in the deck business worldwide. The secret is to use the right material for the customer after analysis all the information and giving each customer educated choices so they can be the ultimate designer of their own custom deck.

Contact us for more information about composite decking.