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SoftCreteIf the concrete around your pool has seen better days and the expense of replacing it makes you want to fill the pool in only to pretend it was never there, take a look at SoftCrete. Their motto is, “don’t replace it, resurface it.”

SoftCrete by Sakrete, is a propriety blend of rubber surfacing, used for top coat and repair of Pool Decks. SoftCrete is highly decorative and safer for the family than traditional concrete. It’s durable and long lasting. SoftCrete is not just easy on the budget, but the feet and joints as well. Dropping your phone on a SoftCrete surface will have a happy ending and applying SoftCrete to your pool surround will add a element of safety that you could never have with concrete.

It’s slip resistant and because rubber is elastic, it is crack resistant. SoftCrete is low-maintenance and cleans up with soap and water.  It comes in multiple colours and endless combinations. You may be considering SoftCrete for a new project and SoftCrete is also an excellent, and cost effective alternative to replacing the concrete around your pools or anywhere else you may have aged and deteriorating concrete. If you’ve ever tried patching concrete, you know that this is an inferior solution to a common problem. With the drastic change in climate throughout the year, concrete simply can’t keep up.  Snow, ice, heat, and moisture all take their toll on this rigid yet porous substance. SoftCrete is made of rubber and really is the only choice in resurfacing concrete.  With a ten year warranty, it’s an easy choice.

Elite Surfacing are innovators and applicators of SoftCrete.  When you surface or resurface with Elite Surfacing, you are buying direct from the source.  They are fully insured and provide quotes that are free, in writing, and with no obligation.

Rubber Pool Deck Surfacing

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If your deck sometimes feels like a fish bowl, you might be in the market for a privacy screen.

Do you enjoy  skinny dipping in your hot tub? Do your neighbours keep inviting themselves to dinner because they can’t resist your gorgeous deck and scrumptious bbq? A privacy screen can be a decorative and relatively inexpensive solution. A nosy neighbour may be the thing to put you in the market for a privacy screen, but not the only thing.  A raised deck, a hot tub or pool, and proximity to noise are some of the aspects of life that made a privacy fence just the thing to complete your outdoor space.



If your privacy screen is being built in conjunction with your new deck, the materials you use  to build your privacy screen may be elementary.  It will likely be made from similar or complementary materials so that your privacy screen reflects the design of your overall space.

Regardless of whether you are building your privacy screen while you construct your outdoor space or after that space has already been built, your privacy screen should complement the overall look.

There are so many options when it comes to design and materials.  Gone are the days when privacy screens were made of pressure treated wood with lattice as the most common design. Cedar, pvc, glass, aluminum,  concrete and composite are some of the options available to you now and design options are endless.  Often, a combination of materials is what works best for a project.  Some privacy screens can actually be cultivated  from nature.  With the right foundation, foliage can become the thing that provides you solitude. Your privacy screen is quite literally your horizontal deck and durability needs to be considered when making choices in design, materials and even your contractor.

Privacy screens can do more that just provide seclusion.  They can be used to create new garden spaces and to separate old ones.   Privacy screens can also serve as a noise barrier.  When a fence just doesn’t cut it, a privacy screen can add that extra layer of seclusion in your very own retreat.

Today’s outdoor space is an extension of your indoor space and deserves the same attention.  A privacy screen will bring the ambiance that you’ve come to expect from your entire home.


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Labour Day can find us winding down from a glorious summer, but it can also mean new beginnings. Starting with a new deck.

Deck Building

Many decks are built in the spring and summer, but one of the best times to build a new deck, is in fact, after Labour Day. The carpenters at Hickory Dickory Decks have trudged through many a snow drift to begin deck projects. They in fact, look forward to it. While the summer is primarily the time that we most enjoy our deck, it also happens to be a very busy time of the year for Hickory Dickory Decks. Having the opportunity to design and build a new deck in the “off season” is refreshing. As well, the consumer can ofter save time and money by opting to have their deck built after Labour Day.

Any new contraction will probably bring a degree of mess to your outdoor space and some upheaval. is inevitable. When you have your deck built in the fall or winter,  you are afforded the time to replace landscaping and sod. You will also have the time to restore the surrounding area to it’s original state and finish any additional upgrades before those warmer months are upon you. This ensures that you are enjoying your new deck to it’s fullest when spring arrives. Having your deck built in the summer months may mean that your time of enjoyment that first year is limited.

It’s a safer bet that you will be able to dictate the timeline of your project if you aren’t competing with hundreds of other projects. Price may also be in your favour by choosing a time after Labour Day.

Often, the vision for your outdoor space is developed during the time you spend out there during the warmer months. It’s easy to see potential improvements while sipping a beverage and read a good book. So, let summer remain a time of relaxation and the winter be a time of fulfillment with any of your outdoor projects. Having your deck built after Labour Day will ensure that you don’t miss out on a moment of enjoyment.

Typical Deck Build

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Tired, old or non existent deck?  Let Hickory Dickory Decks and their “Dream Deck Contest 2014″ come to the rescue. Win a $7500 dream deck or one of many weekly $100 cash prizes. It’s easy to enter and even easier to vote.

Dream Deck Contest 2014


Who wouldn’t love $7500 to spent on their deck?  Hickory Dickory Decks wants to help you get the deck of your dreams and $7500 will go a long way.

Brought to you by Hickory Dickory Decks and Clubhouse decking, the “Dream Deck Contest 2014″ is open to all legal residents of Ontario who are 18 years of age or older.  The contest ends August 31st so get your entries in.

We don’t want you to just fill out an entry form.  That would be boring.  We want to see your deck and outdoor space as it sits in your yard now.  We want to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  Take a video of your outdoor space and tell us why you deserve the $7500 grand prize.

So how do we determine the winner? Simply by the video that receives the most votes.  You may also win one of the weekly $100 prizes, randomly chosen  on Thursday afternoon.  For full contest rules and regulations and to enter the “Dream Deck Contest 2014″, go to  You will find instructions on how to upload your video and submit it for consideration.  Don’t forget to be creative.

If you’d like to take a look at your competition or to vote for the winning video, please go to  You can vote everyday.



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If you’ve ever found the neighbour’s cat doing the back stroke in your pool, you know how important it is to have a good rail system on that awesome deck of yours. I know what you’re thinking. A great deck railing won’t keep a cat out of a pool. You may be right, but a well appointed railing will make Snowball look mighty handsome while enjoying his little dip.


Deck railing on side of the deck


With the addition of many railing materials into the market, a great deck railing system is now the cherry on top of a well built deck. In the past, railings were simply erected to provide safety and privacy. Today’s deck railings not only add safety, but style and so much more.

If you think the options for deck materials have opened up over the years, the vast array of options available for railings will open your eyes wide. In the past, deck railings were considered an accessory and many were made of pressure treated wood. Now you will find railing systems made from aluminum, glass, vinyl and composite. Whether you are looking for privacy or a very open visual, railings are a must. Finding the right railing system for you is key. Your railings may match your deck in your choice of materials and colour or you may choose to contrast your railings to your deck.  Your railings might be made of more than one type of material. Wood can be stained or painted but requires maintenance. Vinyl only comes in white but wipes clean with simple household cleaners. Aluminum often has a longer warranty and comes in black or white, while composite is low maintenance and comes in a variety of colours.  Choosing the materials for your railings will help you to create a unique look right for you.


Deck rail system providing unobstructed view


Just like your deck, your railings must be built to code. After all, your railings are there to prevent falls. Having your railings not properly secured, rungs set too far apart or a railing that is too short, will defeat it’s purpose. Gates can be incorporated into your rail system as well as lighting. These also add to the safety of your deck. Including your railings in the overall vision of your outdoor space, will ensure you make a lasting impression while creating that ambiance you’ve been envisioning. Sans Snowball of course.


Deck railing providing safety on stairs


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While in the past, pressure treated wood was the go- to for many diy deck projects.  Alternately, cedar has been a favourite among many decking professionals.  Now, low-maintenance decking has taken over the market with it’s beauty and resilience.

More and more, the consumer is turning to low maintenance decking and this market is ever expanding. What exactly qualifies as low maintenance? When it first made its debut, low maintenance referred to composite materials.   Usually a mixture of wood and plastic compounds.  Today, low-maintenance includes PVC, vinyl, and cellular PVC.

When considering initial cost of decking materials, the list from lowest to highest is…pressure-treated wood, cedar, composite, and finally, Ipe (Brazilian hardwood).  That said, your overall  costs down the road ,25 years later will quite literally be the opposite. A wooden deck made from pressure-treated wood may cost you considerably less than that of a low-maintenance deck, but 25 years later, you will likely need to rebuild the wooden deck and your cost savings is eliminated.  Also remember, the cost of a well done outdoor project will still get you more return than that of kitchens and bathrooms when it comes time to sell your home.

In addition to more value for your buck, low-maintenance decks require no sealing, sanding or restraining.  There will be no cracking, rotting, twisting or splinters.  Low-maintenance decking materials are also fire and water resistant.   If you’ve lived with a wood deck for any length of time, you’ll know first hand of the time and energy it takes to keep your deck looking good year after year.  Pressure washing, sanding, staining and replacing boards are always in your future when you build a wood deck.

Low-maintenance decks are just that.  Most can be cleaned with simple household cleaners and many low-maintenance deck materials are resistant to fading and staining. They come in an array of colours and textures.  The variety in design options that low-maintenance decking gives the consumer, along with the quality and value it provides,  is what puts these materials ahead of the pack in the decking industry. Hickory Dickory Decks has installed more than 4000 low-maintenance decks. Their decking professionals love the versatility and quality they are able to provide their customers and low-maintenance decking is a dream for their design experts.  Let low-maintenance decking be your dream too.


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Clubhouse decking will get you in the club… The awesome deck club, that is. Talk about innovation. Clubhouse decking is a leader in PVC deck products and according to Hickory Dickory Decks, who have installed more that 4000 composite decks across North America, it doesn’t get any better.


Clubhouse Decking with Clubhouse Iron Wood and Clubhouse Brookstone for the trim


Low-maintenance decking will last up to 25 years. That’s a lot longer than wood, and Clubhouse decking maintains the look of wood while offering the durability of PVC. It contains no wood or wood fillers and gives you, the consumer, an outstanding wood grain that will never require staining or painting. PVC decking is strictly made from plastic. This allows Clubhouse to add colour and texture. This gives the product that wood look more  than any other composite decking product out there.  Clubhouse decking features a limited lifetime warranty with a 25 year fade and stain protection which is  backed by Deceuninck. They are a global leader in world-class engineering with 75 years of industry experience.

Clubhouse Koralite technology creates a unique, dense cell structure providing superior strength and firm feel under foot. There are two lines of designer colours to choose from and if you’re having a hard time choosing, don’t. Combining two colours will add interest to your deck project and the eight colours offered by Clubhouse mix and match well.  It may be the newest trend in decks. Clubhouse decking is resistant to most common decking traits. It is slip resistant and uv resistant.  It keeps moisture out and therefore mold and mildew.  It’s also resistant to cracking and peeling and general wear and tear.

Clubhouse decking is as concerned with your environment as you are and they have made it a priority, through the offering of their many products, to do their part in protecting that environment. Clubhouse decking materials easily clean up with soap and water so there is  no need for harsh chemicals. Clubhouse decking is also 100% recyclable.

When choosing which materials to use on your next deck, consider the best. Once you see and feel the Clubhouse products, the  decision may be made for you. Visit your local Hickory Dickory Decks, to experience the quality of Clubhouse.




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Your deck has broadened your living space and so too can your deck lighting. Your dream deck could have safety issues without it, so whether you’re building a new deck or considering deck lighting for an existing deck, it really is bright idea.

Deck lighting for deck and steps


Entertaining on your deck during the day is a no brainer.  With the pool and the bbq, a good time is not hard to pull off, but come evening,  your outdoor space changes and so does the ambiance. Just as furniture railings, planter boxes and benches can create a welcoming atmosphere for your outdoor space, so too can deck lighting. The lighting of your deck will enhance the atmosphere for those warm Canadian evenings.  With proper lighting, you will expand the time you can spend on your deck and make that time safer and more enjoyable.

Deck lighting is an easy addition to an existing deck. It is also relatively inexpensive.  Deck lighting can turn your outdoor space into the retreat you’ve always dreamed about.  Deck lighting comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There is low voltage, solar and post cap lighting.  You may choose one or all of these for your deck.

When considering a new deck, lighting is one factor you’ll want to consider in your design.  Deck lighting can determine pathways, seating areas and the overall ambience of your outdoor space.

Some of the deck lighting you may consider is recessed step lights, wall sconces, rail lighting or brick lights.  Perhaps your deck is already sporting some fine deck lighting and you would just like to add a few highlights.  Deck lighting can change up the look of your existing space without the cost of changing up your deck.

The options in design and style are endless.  There’s a deck light to fit in with any style.




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From fire pits, to charcoal, barbecues are just the beginning when considering an outdoor kitchen. With outdoor kitchens, you don’t have to choose. If you love to cook, entertain or simply show off, you can have it all.

Chelsire outdoor kitchen


Your new outdoor kitchen might be a do-it-yourself project or you might choose to have the professionals at Hickory Dickory Decks build the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Coordinating your kitchen into your existing outdoor space can be tricky in the design department.  In the end, there is no reason why you can’t be outside year round enjoying your custom outdoor kitchen. You can get as basic or elaborate as you want to be. There are many factors you will want to consider when designing your outdoor kitchen. Whether you are just planning to built a barbecue with some counter space or have your sights set on a pizza oven,  keep in mind that the materials you use are very important.  Combustible products can cause a fire hazard. Also,  if you are going to be using your outdoors kitchen on a regular basis, ( and this is the goal) you will want some storage space for frequently used items like pots and pans, utensils etc.  Counter space is a must. You wouldn’t want your sink area right beside your barbecue.  If a brick oven is on your wish list, these can be custom built or pre-fabricated. Once the the basics of safety and practicality are fulfilled, the sky is the limit in design options.

Many choose to have their outdoor kitchens designed and built by the professionals at Hickory Dickory Decks because of safety factors. Many handy homeowners draw the line at doing their own wiring and plumbing. If you do choose to take on this project yourself be sure to budget for the professionals that you will need to complete the job.  Gas fitting probably isn’t your  expertise.

Danver outdoor kitchenAt hickory Dickory Decks we can custom design and install your outdoor kitchen to fit in with your existing deck and the overall decor of your outdoor space. A grilling Island can take your outdoor entertaining to a whole new level and if you are a barbecue enthusiast, we might suggest a deck material that would resist grease stains, or self extinguish should it catch on fire.  (It’s happened to the best of us.)

Your mission should be to increase your useable living space but also to  increase the enjoyment you get from this space. An outdoor kitchen accomplishes both of these and at Hickory Dickory Decks we can make it happen for you.



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Hickory Dickory Decks is proud to showcase our new deck video as filmed by Arrested Images Photography and Design. Drew Cunningham wrote, filmed and edited the entire deck building video and we are grateful for his hard work and talents. Special thanks goes out to our lead carpenter Jeremy Nie and carpenter ‘Scotty’ who built a deck over the course of spring 2014.

Establishing the Deck Foundation

In this video we begin with the ground being broken just before the construction begins. Our next step is to ensure that each deck project has a solid foundation. Hickory Dickory used 6″x6″ beams fixed in concrete for this project. For the foundation, you’ll note that we used Vycor Deck Protector to flash the deck. Vycor Deck Protector is placed under the decking boards to reduce rot and decay as the deck protector reduces the chances of having trapped water underneath the deck.

Once the foundation is established, framing begins. Here we lay down our composite deck boards, and cut all protruding ends flush with the deck. We then installed a faceplate over the ends. In this video you’ll catch a good view of the stringer’s faceplate which adds exceptional support.

Framing your Deck

After the framing is completed, the decking begins. We always screw in our screws from beneath the deck so you’ll never have unsightly screw heads. In this video we install a double border that extends around the entire deck. Each joint and mitre meets the exact standards of our talented and experienced deck building craftsmen.

Deck Railing and Lighting

The final step in the deck construction process is installing the railing system. In this deck we also installed plexi glass inserts instead of using spindles or balusters (a baluster is a stair stick used to support the handrail.) Low voltage lights were placed in each step’s faceplate, which improves visibility at night so you don’t trip. The deck is completed with a cedar trellis to allow the owner to allow vines or roses to climb up the wood.

With our crew’s hard work complete, all that’s left is for you to enjoy life outdoors on your deck!