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Hello, my name is Tom Jacques and I am the CEO and founder of Hickory Dickory Decks. Drew Cunningham, a good friend and our favorite Hickory Dickory photographer, and myself finally decide to write and publish our very own deck design book. After over 25 years of designing and building over 20,000 custom decks and taking pictures of 99 percent of them, we had a special problem. It wasn’t if we had enough good deck pictures for our book, but which ones to use out of thousands to choose from. Drew took this project on over the last 12 months, and in July 2013 we printed and published our own Deck Book.

The Deck Book – Inspirations

Deck Design Book pic 2Deck Design Book

You will find many deck design ideas by browsing through the more than 400 colour photos the book contains. Please view our picture section with pictures from our book and I hope it helps motivate you to think of a remodel on a brand new deck design for your home in 2014. If you are interested we do sell the book for $25 plus shipping or you can call your local Hickory Dickory Decks designers and they can drop by for a visit and bring you a book.