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You’re ready for a new deck but don’t know where to start. Building a deck from start to finish has a process that will make your project manageable and even enjoyable. Following this process will take your plans for a dream deck and make it a reality.

The process begins by looking at pictures of as many different decks that you can. Getting a feel for what’s out there will get the ball rolling and your head in the game.


beautiful composite deck

Deck Layout

This is the very first step needed to achieving your goal of a new deck. Consider the layout of your home. Know your property lines, as building on the neighbours property could be disastrous. If your deck is more than two feet high, a railing system will be required for safety.  Are there are obstacles that need to be worked around such as a shed, pool or trees?  You may want your deck placed in one spot but because of water pipes, dryer vents, basement windows and even air conditioning units, that place might not be available.

Deck Uses

What will your new deck be primarily used for? Entertaining, barbecuing, relaxing, a spa area, and children playing are just some of the uses for decks. How long you intend to live in your home is worth considering as well. You will want to build a deck that will last at least this long.

Deck Budget

Know your budget. You won’t want to get your sights set on one deck only to realize, your budget does not fit your vision. Another option is to wait a year or two until your budget and your vision align. Cutting corners and making shortcuts is not an option when building the deck of your dreams.

Personal Preference

Finally, your personal preference will come into play. What do you want your new deck to look like. Some options to consider are seating, colour scheme, lighting, steps, fire pits and spa area. You may opt for a built in barbecue or deck skirting.

Whether you have hundreds to spend or thousands, the process of deck building is the same. Follow this formula and you won’t go wrong,  Having a process in place will decrease stress, and even bring pleasure to your project.