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While low maintenance decks have surged ahead in popularity within the decking industry, wood remains the leader and hard wood has got it’s hold on consumers because of it’s obvious attributes.

Beautiful Backyard Deck

If you enjoy your hardwood floors inside, you’re likely to consider using hardwood for your deck and here’s why. Unlike pressure treated wood, many hardwoods will look beautiful for 25 years or more. Because of it’s density and natural oils, hardwood decks will resist rot and insects. Many hardwoods that are used in the decking industry include, red mable, golden ironwood,cambara, cumaru, redwood and cedar. While these hardwoods are certainly more expensive, they are durable, feel good under your feet and can be installed with ease. Like every exquisite product, there are drawbacks and choosing a hardwood deck will be no different.

Great Deck For Your Home

When selecting your wood, it’s wise to stick to a lighter colour. The darker hardwoods will heat up faster and hold heat longer. It can be next to impossible to put a nail through some hardwoods and pre-drilling is often necessary. This can make your deck project more labour intensive. With the often higher cost of hardwood, you won’t want a lot of waste, so proper installation is key. Any wood deck will need a good cleaning each year to maintain it’s look and all wood decks can change colour over time. Hardwood decks will need to be periodically re-stained as well.

When you invest in a hardwood deck, you get the best of both world’s. While the price tag may be hard to swallow, the end result is often better than the dream and owner’s of hardwood decks swear by their their beauty, durability and functionality. Choosing to install a hardwood deck, truly creates an outdoor space that is an extension of your home. One that will be enjoyed for many years to come.