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Deciding on and erecting a new fence is not easy. With municipal by-laws to adhere to and endless options in design and materials, putting up a fence in no small endeavour. If you have neighbours within a stones throw, having a fence is not an option.

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Whether you’re putting in a new pool,spa or simply need to replace an existing fence, the process should start at city hall.

Fencing isn’t cheap and having to remove one because it doesn’t meet inspection will put a dent in your wallet and will leave your privacy at risk. Keep in mind, that while you don’t want your neighbours to know your every move, these neighbours can be a benefit to your fencing project. Your neighbours may be in the market to share in the cost of the fence and indeed many municipalities require it. Municipal by-laws vary from town to town and it is important to know yours ahead of time.  This should always be your starting point in any fencing project. For instance, in the city of Hamilton, fences that are built around pools have many regulations. They must be at least 5 feet and four inches high.  They must be self locking and must not be within six feet of your pool.  Your local town hall will see you through the process.

Now it’s time to decide on the parameters and materials of your new fence. Options in materials include, cedar, pressure treated wood, composite, metal, cement and even glass.  These are only some of the choices out there.  If you are replacing an existing fence,  you may be able to use the existing post holes. This will save your time and money.

Fencing can be erected piece by piece or in panels.  You may choose to build your own fence or have the professionals do it. either way, you will want to know your estimated cost before you begin.

The design of your fence may compliment already existing structures. Your fence will be one of the most versatile elements of your outdoor space. Your fence might include lighting and a  sturdy fence can hold planters. and may be an excellent choice for vines and gardens. Your fence doesn’t need to be simply functional but a beautiful addition to your backyard.

In the end, it’s important to remember that neighbours are only as good the fence that separates them.