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Say it ain’t over. Summer is indeed coming to an end but if your deck season ends when the kids get on that school bus, you’re doing it all wrong.


Fall Leaves on Deck


Your deck is the centerpiece of your outdoor space. Centerpieces take time and money to create, so get out there, get creative, and enjoy your deck throughout the fall season. As the hot summer days dwindle and the leaves begin to fall, get the most from your investment.

Enlist some Fall Colour

Even though your colourful planters have served their purpose, they will soon meet their demise as cooler temperatures and shorter days move in. That’s no reason to give up the vibrant colour that breathes life onto your deck. A well-appointed planter or two can ground a space. Fall can provide a welcoming change of fresh and new colour. Consider replanting those pots with fall plants that will continue to supply colour to your outdoor space. Try mixing your fall mums with kale and swiss chard. This will give your planters height, colour, and texture. This combination will take you through the season and change colour throughout the cooler months, right along with those leaves. Many mums have found themselves peaking through the first snow.

Add Heat

When the sun fails to warm your deck, all is not lost. There are lots of ways to heat up your outdoor space. Getting creative will have you toasty in no time. Patio heaters have become popular for decks. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. When choosing a heater for your deck, consider the space. How much heat will you need? What kind of heat will work best for your needs? Some patio heaters double as visual effects as well. Creating a comfortable temperature on your deck even after the mercury has dropped, will keep you and your loved ones outside, longer. Consider placing some small throws over those loungers, creating a special place to read and enjoy a cocktail. Keeping the barbecue fired up throughout the fall will have you enjoying not just the colours of fall but the cuisine. An avid griller will find themselves shoveling around the barbecue once the snow flies. Your grill can add heat to your deck as well, helping to create that perfect temperature. The cooler months are ahead of us, bringing a little chill to the air but just think, no mosquitos.

Don’t pack it in

There’s no reason to let the post-summer blues take hold when there’s so much more enjoyment to be had on your deck, long after the heat of summer has left. Even if the temperature of your pool has dropped to the point where you no longer look forward to cooling off in it, consider postponing the closing of your pool. Nothing says winter like a pool with an ugly black cover on it. Your pool does a lot for the look of your deck. There is no harm in waiting a little longer to close up the pool. Planters, rugs, and furniture won’t mind a little chill either. Anything in and around your deck should remain in place until the first snow fall. Consider adding, not taking away from the look of your deck in the fall. Now is the time to change up the decor, add new, season appropriate accessories and take advantage of all the beauty fall has to offer.


If we try our best, we can pretend that summer isn’t ending. With a warm fall and lots of outdoor activities planned for the season, denial will be ours. We can’t, however, deny the fact that sunlight is at a premium and our days are dramatically shorter. With some great lighting, we can do our best to fake it. If your deck already has lighting, you know how important it is for safety. You are also familiar with the atmosphere that good lighting can provide for you deck. Fall, with its shorter days, is the time to take advantage of any lighting you already have. It’s also a great time to consider adding more lighting to your decking. If you’re not in the market to install more permanent lighting to your deck consider other, more temporary and versatile options. Solar lights make this easy and affordable. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Patio lanterns, fairy lights, candles, and tea lights also provide a little light that can go a long way in keeping you and your loved ones outside, longer.

New found entertainment

While traditional entertainment in the summer might include, horseshoes, swimming, barbecuing and bocce, the fall should only add to this list of entertainment choices. Your deck can play host to family game night or a game of poker with the guys. If you can place a tv on your deck, catching a ball game under the stars is relaxing and unique. If you have a hot tub, fall is your season. Generally, the heat of a hot tub on the deck is more enjoyable when the air temperature isn’t rivaling the water temperature. Evenings in the fall with a drink in hand, enjoying a good soak while the sun sets, are epic.

Don’t let the end of summer be the end of good times on your deck. Use your imagination, get creative and expand your perception of what a deck can be used for. You spend good resources on the investment of a deck. Get out there and enjoy your deck this fall season. Our experts at Hickory Dickory Decks can help you prepare your deck for the fall and winter season, so you can enjoy your deck for longer. So whether you’re looking at preparing your deck for the fall, repairing your old and/or damaged deck, or shopping around to create a new deck for your backyard, contact us today and we’ll help you with all your decking needs.