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Did you put off getting quotes on that badly needed deck and now as you sit outside in this surprisingly early hot weather wonder why you continue to procrastinate? Don’t have regret. It’s not too late to start the ball rolling, and in fact, waiting for the warm weather does have it’s own advantages in the decking industry.

Beautiful new deck

While your favourite decking company is likely up to their rails in work right now, it’s never too late to pick up the phone and get that quote. If your timeline is flexible, you won’t have to wait for the snow to fall before you’re enjoying your new deck.

Having your outdoor space in full bloom may give you a better vision for your new deck. It is certainly easier to see what is needed when the pool is open, the flowers are in bloom and everything isn’t covered in snow. If you know what you are looking for in a new deck, communicate this vision, in detail to your designer so that you start off on good foot. If you’re not sure about the design of your new deck, use the expertise of your designer and contractor. They’ve likely seen and built it all. Having your space ready to receive your new deck will also help to avoid delays. Keep in mind, there some timelines you will have little control of. You are at the mercy of the city when it comes to getting the appropriate permits.

You may want to take advantage of fall rates but it is still time to get things started. Your design expert will want to spend some time with you discussing your vision and budget.

Don’t let another year pass you by. Make your new deck a reality, just in time for a labour day barbecue.