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If you didn’t dream big enough when you first built your deck, its not too late to expand your vision and build that deck addition.

Just like adding a room to your house, putting an addition onto your existing deck will not only increase your square footage but totally update the overall look of your outdoor space. It’s important, however, to spend time and energy carefully designing any deck addition so the change in size or shape is seamless. Nobody wants a deck addition that looks like a deck addition. Before starting any addition, ensure your existing structure is stable.

013 tight privacy lattice


Wood decks can be tricky to match. After years of weathering, the wood on your existing deck will not look anything like the new wood of your deck addition. Staining all the wood, once your addition is in place will go a long way in tying the two pieces together.

If your existing deck is made of vinyl or composite, simply purchasing more of the same materials used when you first built your deck will ensure that no one will be able to tell the difference. Though the addition may initially look brighter and newer, it won’t take long for the product to season and blend right in.

Friday deck in Burlington using Timbertech (5)
Talk to the professionals when it comes time to design any addition. Now is your chance to get creative. Maybe you regret that square platform. Maybe you’d like more decking to surround a new pool. The addition doesn’t necessarily need to match but may simply compliment your existing deck. You might be in the market for a few curves or perhaps you might choose a different colour. Your deck addition may simply be a couple of benches or planters or an extension of your existing deck by way of privacy fencing or a pergola.

No matter what you decide on for this deck addition, be sure to think it through, stay on budget and be creative.