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Couch sitting is way more fun than fence sitting and a heck of a lot more comfortable.  Outdoor furniture has been redesigned, reimagined and rediscovered. Gone are the days of expensive, impractical and poorly made patio sets. The options available to the consumer today are endless.


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Creating the outdoor atmosphere you want, like any living space, starts with a great couch. Purchasing patio furniture can be icing on the cake when you’ve just built a new deck. This new addition could also be sprucing up an existing structure.

Your first step to choosing a great couch is to know your space. You won’t likely get stuck in stairwells if your new couch is too big but you will still need to conform to the square footage that is available to you. Though sectionals are popular, you might opt for two love seats.  If you can find it in a house, you can find it for your deck.  While outdoor furniture used to be made of wood, today’s furniture is made in a variety of materials and durability has certainly increased with these choices.  Today’s outdoor furniture is made of plastic, aluminum, wood, wrought iron and wicker.  Choosing which you prefer will help to establish the over all look of your outdoor space.

Next comes colour.  Where you might otherwise shy away from colour, this is your chance to go wild. Your outdoor space begs for vibrant colour and any green space can be complimented by patterns and textures..  Outdoor furniture often comes in a variety of colours.  These colours can be switched up year to year depending on, if keeping up with the trends is important to you.

When making a decision about your outdoor furniture, consider your needs, space and design preferences.  If all three are met, you have likely found a  fantastic couch and you can move on to filling your outdoor space with all the necessities.  You are ready to enjoy couch sitting at it’s finest.