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Your outdoor space should reflect your personality. It should also reflect your budget. While decks and pools are on the higher end when it comes to outdoor living expenses, there are loads of design elements that will have you to keep up with the trends  Let your personality shine through with some deck bling.

Bedazzling your deck might be taking it too far. Consider some of these elements to add character and functionality to your outdoor living space.


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Cool down Bling


Found mainly in the south, misters can certainly turn a very hot and sticky deck environment into an oasis of comfort. Misting systems and misting fans are designed to increase your enjoyment of the outdoors. Misting systems are typically made of stainless steel and are low, mid or high pressure.


a patio mister


Warm up Bling


On the flip side, summer evenings in southern Ontario can drop substantially at night. If your facial hair takes on the consistency of shredded wheat due to drastically fluctuating temperatures outside, it might be time for a patio heater. Outdoor heaters can be found at just about any home improvement and hardware store. Knowing how much heat you’ll need will be the bigger question. Coverage is measured in square footage. A bigger deck may need more than one heater. Patio heaters can be propane fueled or natural gas and how many BTU’s will determine how much heat it will create? The patio heater should indicate what square footage it will cover. Simply choose which design best suits your taste and you and your loved ones will soon be toasty again.

046 outdoor heaters



Deck bling may mean adding some colour.  Most decks are constructed with materials that are very neutral in colour.  Add that to the neutral tone of your house, and a little colour is likely needed. How you add that colour can be as simple as a few plants. Pots come is a variety of sizes, colours and shapes. These are easily planted and then stored for the winter. Depending what your pots are made of, they are likely very easy to clean and can be moved around. If planters are your preference,  you’ll find many varieties to choose from. Many will hang from railings and face in or out.  Be sure that your railings are strong enough to hold the weight of a planter.



Fab Fabric


There are so many ways to incorporate fabric into your outside space. Your deck may play host to cushions that can spruce up some dated patio furniture. Outdoor fabrics have come a long way in both visual appeal and durability. There are literally thousands of outdoor fabrics out there.  Choose a colour scheme and stick with it.  Outdoor fabrics tend to have more colour and bigger patterns that their indoor counterpart. Be sure not to create a circus of colour in a space that is supposed to be calming and relaxing. Fabrics can be displayed in umbrellas, sails, rugs, tableware and awnings.



Beverages with appeal


If reaching for a cold one means lifting the lid of that unsightly red cooler that has seen better days, your deck is likely crying out for something a little more civilized. Coolers can reflect beauty and functionality. Consider having that cooler built right into your new deck. Your standard cooler can be covered in similar or complementary materials as that of your deck. These covered coolers can double as additional seating while looking attractive instead of being an eyesore.


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Bring on the game


Why be stuck inside for the big game? Outdoor tv’s are the ultimate in deck bling. Why not bring the game outdoors with a tv on the deck. If you choose to use a regular indoor tv outside, it will need to be sealed off from the elements while still allowing it to release heat. If you are in the market for the investment, an outdoor tv can be purchased. These can be pricey but perhaps not as pricey as having to replace the tv from your living room because you’ve subjected it to a typical Canadian snow storm.




Deck bling can make you outdoor space come alive. Personalized deck bling will increase enjoyment of your deck and bring a smile to your face each time you venture outdoors. Deck bling is the icing on the cake.

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