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Clear cedar is highest in industry standards and when you see the reasons why, it will also become a clear choice for your new deck. While clear cedar is used in many wood projects, it has maintained it’s popularity in the decking industry because of it’s unique features. Clear cedar is top of the line when it comes to natural decking materials. While many are choosing composites, for some, there is nothing like a natural deck to enhance the natural atmosphere of their outdoor space. Clear cedar is a wood product that comes from older trees. Demand has made this wood harder to obtain and more expensive and it is now in line with low-maintenance products when it comes to cost.

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Despite these draw backs, clear cedar maintains it’s superior elements. Clear cedar comes in four grades. The most common are knotty and clear. Clear cedar will have fewer knots and blemishes and is considered  an excellent choice when it comes to building decks.  Clear cedar, as opposed to knotty cedar, is denser, harder and more resilient than it’s counter part. It has outstanding strength with a fine straight grain. Unlike many decking products, clear cedar also has a low rate of expansion and contraction. Take the expansion and contraction out of the equation and a clear cedar deck will offer many more design options.

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Clear cedar and most cedars for that matter, contain natural oils (Phenols). Therefore it resists moisture, decay and insects. While knotty cedar may be a good, less expensive alternative to clear cedar, knotty cedar is cut from younger trees and therefore hasn’t had the chance to fully develop these naturals oils. These oils give clear cedar longevity. Clear cedar can be left to the elements where it will maintain it’s durability but will take on a silvery grey appearance. Likewise you may choose to apply a finish that will preserve its rich colours.

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A clear cedar deck will remain looking beautiful for 30 years or more. Clear cedar remains a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike.