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Regardless of what your deck is made of, it will likely need some maintenance through the years. A good deck cleaning is a great start.

Being the proud owner of a powerful pressure washer isn’t going to do the trick all on its own. The options for cleaning your deck have increased and improved over the years.¬†Your deck is an investment into your property. Keep it clean and in good repair and it will continue to reward you.

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Wood decks

Whether your wood deck has turned grey from years of wicked weather or you are just trying to get a stain out, your trusty pressure washer can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Though a pressure washer will strip your deck of years of aging and wear, it can also damage your deck. Be careful with the angle and pressure. Experiment with a less visible piece of wood until you get the desired effect. When deciding which cleanser to use keep in mind that toxic doesn’t necessarily mean better. There are many non toxic, biodegradable products out there that won’t have you wearing a hazmat suit. Remember to rinse well. Depending on your deck’s size, cleaning your deck could take you a full day.

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Composite decks

Though composite decks pride themselves on being low maintenance, this does not mean it won’t need a good cleaning from time to time. Your composite deck can be cleaned and sealed in one weekend, but it will take patience and elbow grease. If you’ve got what looks to be dirt that won’t come up, it’s likely not dirt at all. Some older brands of composite have shown to grow and harbour mould. A good cleaning with a good cleanser will remedy this and if you choose to seal your deck, depending on the product you choose, the mould will be a problem that you can put behind you.

With the right products, some time and energy invested, you will find yourself falling in love with your deck all over again.

Watch a video about the deck cleaning process here.