Patio and Deck Combination

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Can’t decide between a patio and a deck? You likely don’t have to. You might be asking yourself, “What’s the difference between a patio and a deck?” You might also being wondering which will suit outdoor needs. You may be surprised to find that both are the answer. Patio is a spanish word that means… Read more »

Mixing stone into your deck design

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What’s your vision for that new deck?  Is it simply a pressure treated square deck that says nothing about your personality or are you thinking outside the box.  Expand your vision to include stone.  Stone can set your deck apart from others and add texture and visual effect that is both interesting an calming. Natural,… Read more »

Size Matters – Large Decks

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When it comes to buying your home, you buy as much house as you can afford and the same rule can apply to your deck. With design and style in mind, it is said that your deck can’t be too big. A large deck is sure to wow but don’t lose sight of the vision you… Read more »

Mississauga Deck Aerial View

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Filmed and edited by Drew Cunningham of Arrested Images, we have a new video that showcases a beautiful elevated deck and pool deck from the air. This grand project was built by Mississauga deck builder Geoff Aucoin, owner of the Mississauga franchise of Hickory Dickory Decks.  

Privacy Screens

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If your deck sometimes feels like a fish bowl, you might be in the market for a privacy screen. Do you enjoy  skinny dipping in your hot tub? Do your neighbours keep inviting themselves to dinner because they can’t resist your gorgeous deck and scrumptious bbq? A privacy screen can be a decorative and relatively inexpensive solution. A… Read more »

Railings add style… and keep the cat out

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If you’ve ever found the neighbour’s cat doing the back stroke in your pool, you know how important it is to have a good rail system on that awesome deck of yours. I know what you’re thinking. A great deck railing won’t keep a cat out of a pool. You may be right, but a… Read more »

Deck Lighting… A Bright Idea

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Your deck has broadened your living space and so too can your deck lighting. Your dream deck could have safety issues without it, so whether you’re building a new deck or considering deck lighting for an existing deck, it really is bright idea.   Entertaining on your deck during the day is a no brainer. … Read more »