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If you’re like most, once you decide to build that dream deck, pina colodas on the lounger deck can’t come soon enough. In any busy decking season, the wait will always feel like a lifetime but with a little patience and delayed gratification, your new deck will be worth the wait.

Choosing to build in the fall, at first thought, might not seem like the optimal choice but an autumn decking project can bring loads of advantages that a spring or summer build can’t.


098 fall colours


As you swelter on that rickety old worn out deck, you’d give just about anything for that new deck today. Although it may not seem like it now, building a deck in the fall has its advantages.


If you’ve ever contacted a contractor of any kind in the middle of their busy season, you know that time will not be on your side. Waiting for your start date can seem like an eternity while summer whittles away. If you can delay that new deck by even a few weeks, you’ll find that your wait won’t be as long and the completion date for your new deck will be just around the corner. With a fall build, weather can be optimal, providing just the right conditions for your carpenter to get in an out in record time. You will find yourself enjoying a late season barbeque that will not only fill the belly but impress the neighbours.


For any construction project around the house, budget is important. An autumn deck project will have your dollars going further and your new deck will thank you. Pricing of a deck that is in no hurry to be build can benefit from better pricing. Especially one that is booked well in advance. Keeping a carpentry team in business well into the cooler months can have your decking project bigger and better than you ever imagined.

More time equals better design.

Taking the time throughout the spring and summer to see what’s out there will help you design that dream deck. There is always something new in the decking industry and watching the neighbours forge ahead can put ideas in your head. This will leave you with a comprehensive idea of what exactly you want your future deck to look like. By the time the fall months roll around, carpenters and deck designers have had the opportunity to try out new products. Their education is your advantage. Many things can change in a deck design when a great visual and testimony is in place.

Better late than never.

It’s often not until you’ve spent yet another long hot summer on that wretched deck that your dream deck ideas can be ignited. If this is what it takes to get the project off the ground, then late is better than never.  Your fall deck can certainly be enjoyed during the cooler months and you’ll be thanking your foresight as spring is just around the corner.

Take advantage of all that fall has to offer you and your future deck. Whether you choose to wait till fall or you simply didn’t get around to doing something about that tired and worn out deck until now, fall remains the perfect time for that new build.