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Beams can give your deck more than a foundation and stability. Extending your foundation beams or adding beams to your decking project will open up a number of opportunities to enhance your deck’s functionality and appearance.

063 stained posts and beams

Beams facilitate many other elements of a deck. Beams allow for a roll back shade or a pergola. This in turn provides the opportunity to add colour to your deck with endless fabric options. If you’re adding beams to your deck, why not use them to frame in a seating area. Add in a fireplace and you’ve got yourself an additional living room, right in your back yard.

If your existing deck design requires beams, why not jazz them up. Beams can be covered with vinyl, wood, or composite. If you want to cover your beam there are many different styles and colours to choose from. There are also many options to create the base of your beam. Some beam covers simply slip over the metal or wood beam while other decorative covers snap around the structural post. Choose a matching or complementary colour and you’ve just created a design element to your outdoor space. Even if your deck doesn’t require support beams, you may want to add them. If you are looking to hide your beams, choose a dark colour, like black. Beams will add dimension and visual interest.  They can tie two separate areas together or break up your deck into distinct sections.

Be sure to consider beams when designing your dream deck. You’ll be delighted in the professional appeal that beautiful beams give to your outdoor space.