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Likely the most versatile backyard element there is, just saying the word, “cabana” makes you wanna party, but what is a cabana exactly and what is it’s purpose?

Backyard cabana

The beauty of having a cabana is that it can serve so many functions that we at Hickory Dickory Decks are hard pressed to label for the consumer. No one outdoor feature will transform your back yard into a bar, restaurant, resort and spa, like a cabana will.    You will want to ask yourself, “what do i intend to use my cabana for?”  Designing the outside of the cabana is only half the job.  The interior of your cabana may have an entirely different look.

Some Cabanas are used as a  kitchen, a bar or both. Many are utilized as a pool house or change room for the pool. Although a cabana can be built for storage, we can think of many better uses.  A cabana can be a bunk house, or simply a shaded area to sit. It can house your back yard audio/video, your fridge and barbecue. It can simply be a place to sit and have a drink or a mini house.  Your cabana might include a ceiling fan or even a shower and the lighting you choose will  set the mood.  You may choose to have your cabana fashioned to reflect the architectural design of existing buildings, including your home.

When choosing the building  materials that you want use, think diversity.  When you decide on a cabana design this is your opportunity to mix it up.   Cushioned seating may be part of the equation.  Different types of wood can add interest and dimension.  Planter boxes can even be incorporated. The sky is the limit in design options and the experts at Hickory Dickory Decks are excited to custom design the cabana to suit your individual needs.