Deck Lighting… A Bright Idea

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Your deck has broadened your living space and so too can your deck lighting. Your dream deck could have safety issues without it, so whether you’re building a new deck or considering deck lighting for an existing deck, it really is bright idea.   Entertaining on your deck during the day is a no brainer. … Read more »

Outdoor Kitchens

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From fire pits, to charcoal, barbecues are just the beginning when considering an outdoor kitchen. With outdoor kitchens, you don’t have to choose. If you love to cook, entertain or simply show off, you can have it all.   Your new outdoor kitchen might be a do-it-yourself project or you might choose to have the professionals at Hickory… Read more »

Curved Decks

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Use your imagination, think outside of the box and let your dream deck take shape.  Of the curved variety of course.  You can’t believe you didn’t think of it before?   Why let convention and corners dictate the shape of your deck when throwing a little curve into it can be accomplished with ease and… Read more »

Bananas for Cabanas

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Likely the most versatile backyard element there is, just saying the word, “cabana” makes you wanna party, but what is a cabana exactly and what is it’s purpose? The beauty of having a cabana is that it can serve so many functions that we at Hickory Dickory Decks are hard pressed to label for the… Read more »

Awnings… The best Hangover you’ll ever have.

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The arsenal of tools we use to survive the extreme weather in Canada includes the  awning.  We spend much of the year complaining about the frigid temperatures and the remainder of the year complaining about the unbelievable heat.  The awning must have been created by Mother Nature.  A great awning over a great deck is… Read more »

Perfect Pergolas

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Pergolas have to be the prettiest outdoor element out there.  It’s the sweetheart of the decking industry and at Hickory Dickory Decks, pergolas are the icing on the cake.  A well built pergola can complete a backyard makeover like nothing else. Designing your pergola allows for plenty of creativity and there are endless options.  Size… Read more »

Clubhouse Decking is a favourite among our homeowners and carpenters

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If you are planning a new deck, Clubhouse decking is a product you’ll  want to learn more about. You’ll want the best and Clubhouse has got it. Clubhouse decking  is unique among composite decking materials and is produced by Deceuninck, a renowned manufacturer of vinyl and pvc products since 1937. When choosing your decking materials,… Read more »

Skinny Dipping with your New Spa Deck

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Whether your spa is the focal point of your deck or simply an add-on to your existing outdoor space, a well designed spa deck can take your experience out of the simple rhelm of relaxation into a multi-purpose backyard element. Victoria day weekend is fast approaching and there’s not much that’s more Canadian than sitting… Read more »