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The Jetson’s probably had one. Other than that, you’ll have to see it, to believe it. Picture an outdoor roof for your patio that has more versatility than can be imagined. American louvered roofs bring exciting back to your patio with this cutting edge, revolutionary shelter.


louvered roof


American louvered roofs provide the meaning of luxurious living. Consider a roof over your patio, hot tub or barbecue area that behaves like a blind, providing just the right amount of protection when you need it most. A louvered roof can let in full sunshine when desired. It can also give partial protection when the sun is just too hot to keep your patio a comfortable place to be. Your louvered roof has the ability to completely close, giving you protection against rain. A louvered roof keeps you outside, enjoying the outdoors through rain and harsh sun. A louvered roof will also increase your property value, and have your neighbours talking.



There are different styles to match any taste and budget. Consider incorporating lighting into your American louvered roof. American louvered roofs believe in the principles that make an honest company with loads of integrity.  They have built their business one roof at a time. Speak with your contractor or decking specialist to find the right louvered roof for you. Visit the website of American louvered roofs and try out their interactive app that allows you see how a louvered roof will look in your outdoor space.

Outdoor spaces are continually evolving when it comes to design and comfort. American louvered roofs can play a big part in adding to your outdoor experience.  In Canada, we are always looking for elements that will increase the season and have us enjoying the outdoors more.  The comfort that American louvered roofs bring, does just that.